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You Know You’re a Mom When… You start to referring to your husband as “Daddy” instead of “honey” or “sweetheart.”



  9:14 pm and I am thinking of getting off to bed. I know we all have different schedules and bedtimes, for me it is most often, too late to mention. So just the thought of 9:00ish in bed is wild!!  To be honest, I believe I am still recovering from loss of sleep during our Florida trip which, I know, happen over a week ago now. But I could still be recovering from loss of sleep from then right?


Today I was incredibly proud of Valorie. We have been talking for quit some time about her morning attitude. I have tried different things to improve it, like…

waking up earlier myself,dressed and ready for her ahead of time.

letting her sleep till the last minute, thinking maybe it is more sleep she needs.

waking her up way early, thinking maybe it is more time she needs.

One thing i just cannot tolerate to live around is a grumpy face.

There is NO excuse for it.



So for quit some time now I have been consistent with 5 things:

1.Me waking up earlier

2.Her waking up earlier

3.No more teen TV shows

4.more hugs, more time to talk

5.letting go of all my frustrations so I am more relaxed and pleasant and happy to be around. ( this is by far the toughest one because it requires work on my part)

AND THIS MORNING, SOMETHING MUST HAVE CLICKED, IT WAS A NEW DAY!! 10 minutes into the morning I noticed a significant change…I noticed it when she came home and through the rest of the day.

We talked alot about it.

OH GOD I love her so much!! I pray she stays as teachable as she is now.

Each morning you set the coarse for your day by the thoughts/attitude you begin with. It is so important that we start with a clean heart. Good thoughts. I cannot stress enough how BIG it is for you to sit…have some coffee…relax…meditate and Thank your God for giving you life before you dig into your days work.I guarantee you will think straighter plus feel better and love easier.

2 thoughts on “>Morning Attitude”

  1. >I am so sorry about your Grandma… so sad you missed saying Good-bye!
    I loved this post again, in a way it makes me feel so wistful… I feel so lost sometimes in this whole parenting thing… I so wish I had an older wiser role model. And I do have here and there. Probably mostly pride that I am too ashamed to ask when it seems most people have their act together. I love how you are teaching her to choose joy and including yourself in the process of change. Love you too.. :) Sherilyn

  2. >Sherilyn, I just love to know you are out there reading my stuff…I sometimes look at parenting like this statment said…Every morning i wake up on a diet and every evening i go to bed a failure. Hahaha Parent to the BEST that you know how and at the end of the day if you have made mistakes at least you gave your BEST and that is all you need!! Love you too :)

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