>Florida 2011


You Know You’re a Mom When…You spend forty-five minutes helping your little girl fall asleep in her own bed, then welcome her into yours four hours later rather than repeat the process at 2 a.m.



When you get to Florida it is all about the water right? You know…the sand, the wind that blows that sand into your hair. The blue sky,the sea gulls ( without them it just would not be the beach)

So, don’t even bother about getting settled in and unpacked,


After traveling all night, Dad needs some quite to get some sleep ( not that I don’t, it is just that I am the Mom. We sleep only at night. And even then it is often cut short.)

Common’ grab your bucket and shovel…we don’t need all the sand toys.



Don’t even bother getting into your swimsuit…


Just let me jump those waves…Ohhhh those beautiful beautiful waves!!


We should have stayed for hours, since everyone was feeling good. But i did not know that the next few days would have me cleaning spit up and little bottoms at the same time. (Valorie had a very miserable ride down with the stomach bug of some kind. Chadwin and Sarah started two days later)





Upon arriving in Florida we got news that my Grandmother passed away.

Grandmas are the most treasured people around.

How does one write about their Grandma dying? 


Mommy Fisher ( as most would call her) was very close to my heart. She was 92 years old and she died just like she wanted to, very peacefully…without a struggle.

We did not make it home for her funeral simply because my children were too sick to travel. My heart is grieving…I so wanted to say goodbye before she was buried.

I cannot blame anyone…my kids didn’t try to get sick and I am pretty sure Grandma didn’t choose to die while we were on vacation, sometimes we have very little control over our circumstances if any. It is then that we must determine to make the best of it all.




When the child dumps his milk…or gets angry and throws your best plate on the floor. These kind of things cause a reaction. A reaction to point a finger and blame someone for the problem but it is never the child’s fault. Rather it is you…too lazy to discipline properly or a hundred and one other cause pointing at you. I think it is the same with life. When things do not go right as we planned, we want to point a finger at someone and blame them for it. Really this is the easy way out cause then you take no responsibility for your actions. I will say it again…WE CHOOSE WHAT WE WILL BE and then…and only then…can you be free. Then it does not matter what life gives you…you embrace it wisely. You make the best of it.

who you are should not be determined upon what happens today or tomorrow but rather who you are should be determined by how you handle what happens today and tomorrow.



My kids were always so fascinated by Mommy’s wrinkles. So one day we took pictures of how different our hands looked.









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  1. >Kathy, I am so sorry about Mommy Fisher… I didn't know until just right now… can't believe I didn't find out. SO MUCH to say in response to your last 2 blogs! (and about upcoming trip. and about your hilarious last email.) I will try to call you tonight but not sure if it will work. Remind me to tell you what Anne told me about the differences between a "Victor" and a "Victim".

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