You know you are a Mom when… In your bathroom there is water all over the floor, a dog drinking out of the toilet, several action figures in the tub, and no towels.


I guess you could say I have had writers block. But I am here today.

And I want to share a favorite family recipe with you.

It really is nothing fancy.

Actually it comes across kinda mushy.

But all the kids love it and it takes minutes to throw together. So why not?



1 lb. Hamburg fried – I like to use ground sausage

10 slices cubed bread

3 cup milk

2 cup cheese

6 eggs

1 tsp. dry mustard

6 tsp. parsley

salt & pepper


Mix together and bake covered for one hour at 350.


Now how easy is that!  Get one of your kids to pull apart the bread and throw in the bowl. They will feel so helpful and it can’t go wrong.

It is what I did yesterday.

Some like it with ketchup others with pancake syrup. There is a big difference in taste depending on what topping you choose. I suggest you make two separate portions on your plate and try both. Not that i need to tell you how to eat your food, just a suggestion.

But if you were me…I would try it with applesauce and ketchup and syrup.




Jack re entered our front yard this week. With much delight he was welcomed and treated with hugs, handshakes and kisses.

Jack never stays long.   It is sad for us all.   This year he had it especially rough while sitting politely doing his thing in the front yard.(which is basically just sitting and smiling to all who pass by) We forgot to introduce Angel to him and low and behold the exact morning after his arrival he was missing his hat and scarf. He had been shopping so his bag was nicely in his hand. That too was taken from him. We feel badly that his experience at our home went so very bad for him this year. He did not stay around long. I don’t blame him. Who wants to have your things taken from you?

Jack, we do hope that you come again next year. We are OK with you waiting till then. Actually we would rather you not come again this winter as spring is sure to be here soon. No hard feelings. We promise to take better care of you then.

With Love, Valorie,Chadwin,Sarah and Mom.

Dad sends his condolences. If it makes you feel any better, he did make the comment…we never should have gotten that dog.








He looks so into her, but his romance was short lived.

Poor Jack was laid to rest that afternoon.He will be missed.But as always when one thing is gone from your life it leaves room for the next thing to enter.

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