>Community Kindness


I love this place.  I have no groan in me when the need arises to visit here.

Let me give you some clues about one of the most favorite stops for me in my town.

I buy my stamps here. (ok that was a dead give away)

i pick up my parents mail here when they are out of town. (really you should have it by now)

I receive help from this place to send packages to my sister Lindy in India.

I take all my Christmas cards here to be mailed out.

In case you are dumb… I will give you one more clue.

I get my mail here and send my mail off here.





like every time i go here the same guy is behind the counter. He is ALWAYS smiling.He has this chuckle that he does with every costumer whether they are responding to him or not. He really knows what he is doing and even when he has a line of costumers he is not flustered but handles it with great speed. He speaks to everyone in the line, making conversation as he works. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A MAN MULTI TASK???   If not please come to my town to order your next book of stamps.   (Which really I am bummed that they have no heart or some kind of Valentine stamps. They should have. I asked about it today and he smiled and said “NO, there is talk of them printing some this summer”. and then he chuckles and adds “I work for the government”)  I will go with you personally and together we will witness this great amazing Post Office Worker.

It just got me thinking today after I left there how much I enjoy going in there. Why?

Is it because it is a man working here and I am attracted.


It is not that it is a CLEAN place and smells good. No this is never the case in this place.

It is because of the atmosphere.

I am convinced that when one begins to smile,be positive, polite to others and KIND it creates a homey and inviting atmosphere.

I got to thinking what if everyplace in our town was this way!!! WOW

or on a more personal note what if I would be more this way?? 

Community Kindness

I can be a part of it.

EVERY where i go…EVERY clerk I see…EVERY shopper i pass…shed some


As much as we all want to go out in the public and be or do this Kindness thing to others. It is not half as effective unless we have attained it in the private of our homes. sigh, I know right?  Nobody feels like working hard at something behind closed doors. Who will notice? It seems in vain.

But do not be fooled!

see doing these things is not so much for others as it is for yourself. It is in the private of your life where the REAL you lies.So when you begin to exercise kindness,pure thoughts towards others, you name it… it will automatically flow out into your public.  One of the ways you can have an overflow,something coming from inside you into others,is when you are full,fat,experienced,and trained in it yourself.


Today I read:

Kindness is language the dumb can speak and the deaf can hear and understand. – Christian Nestell Bovee

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