>New York City


Last night i worked late. I clean a local business office twice a week. I enjoy this time of week for a couple different reasons.

1.It gets me out of the house alone.

2.It is quite and I have many good thinking moments.

3. It brings some extra money to the house.

Notice that money was last on the list.Rightfully so,I believe far too often our main agenda is MORE MONEY. I do not want money as my master. Although we need it to live it is more important to learn how to live then to make a living.


This past week end I took my husband on a trip. I PLANNED IT ALL BY MY OWN. WOW ME!  I have always thought it would be sooo romantic to walk under all the GLITZ and GLAM of the New York City lights at night. And so it was planned. No one knew, well i did tell some and i did tell Valorie. I felt it would be a great connecting thing…(we have a secret) and she did very well at keeping it.

One night at dinner he said, “So how much did you spend on my birthday present? Did you have to order it? When is it coming?” Valorie went nuts…saying, “WE ARE NOT GOING TO TELL”

“Oh, so you know what it is?”

“just stop, I am not saying anything”

“I am going to look on the credit card to see what Mommy ordered.”

With fingers pointing and now standing up from her dinner place she is almost crying going nuts, “you better not look at the credit card.”

“But I may it is my credit card”  Does he have to tease her?

“Daddy you need to pinky swear with me that you will NOT look at the credit card.”  since when did pinky swearing make everything OK and since when have we been pinky swearing in our house anyway? But this is great, i am chuckling cause she does very well with winning his heart. “She has him wrapped around her finger”  pound not intended. Hahah

so they pinky swear, yup right over the kitchen table. As far as I know he never did look at the card. Such power a little one can hold.  Mmmmmmm… I need to get me some of that.

My plan was to break the news just hours away from departure on Friday morning. I had to break it to him two days before because of some appointments he had. It all worked out good! We dropped the kids off at family for the week end and we were off to the BIG city! But how disappointing, I forgot my camera! life without pictures is a bit dull

Sunday night sitting at our kitchen table eating yummy chicken alfredo (which i cooked from scratch for just the two of us) I asked him,”Which would you rather be GLITZ or GLAM?”

“Glitz” he replied

I chuckled and we proceeded eating in silence. The kids returned at 10:00 and life is now back to normal, well at least normal for us.

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  1. >Love it, love it, love it! All but the forgotten camera. How do you write like that? You were created to write blogs. That is your calling.

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