>Christmas at our House



Christmas at our house started last Thursday night.

Pizza for dinner and then a movie.

It’s a sleepover with ourselves around the Christmas tree.

We all just wanted to make sure Santa would know how to get down the chimney and around our BIG screen TV which is placed right in front of the fire place.

Just so you know where we stand on the whole Santa thing with our kids, here is what Sarah will inform you…”Some peoples Moms lie about Santa Clause”  Hahahaha  I for sure do not want to be one of those Mom’s in her book, you have to understand she says it with real drama coming out of her eyes…as if to say…that is just HORRIBLE!!!!


6:30 am we are awake and ready to open them gifts!



I am not so sure if that includes these two.






You know when it is Christmas at our house if you look at the trash, says Valorie ( I am thinking to myself that that must mean it is Christmas all the time here because my trash seems to always be full)


Christmas eve. was spent at my parents and Christmas day as well. Sunday was spent relaxing and catching up on sleep!!


   Hope each of you reading had a VERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I like what one of my cards read that was sent to us…


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