>My Evening


So no matter how perfect a parent looks or how well behaved their kids may seem…

every Mother has her moment.

every child has it’s moment.


tonight after dinner i took all three kids to family dollar to Christmas shop for their cousins. We hadn’t more then walked in and two had to peeeeeeeee…like really bad!!!

I already had reminded them to go before we left the house and then forgot to see if they did. Is this my fault or should it be theirs??


Well, our Family Dollar does not have a public pot, Why not? I am sure they have one, so why not let us use it?  If that is the way they are then we will leave…what else can they expect?

We did not return either.

Not so much to get back at them for not having a public pot as the fact that i was irritated…

1. at myself for not making sure they all went

                     2. at them for not paying attention and going when i said to

                    3. and yes because they didn’t have a public pot. oh and yes, it is ALWAYS dirty in their…everywhere. Why can’t they at least sweep the floor??

OK so maybe i am a little over irritated!


I had a small grocery list so we just went to do that and pee.All the while me trying to not show any irritation to the kids cause after all it wasn’t really their fault remember.


All went fairly well until waiting in line Valorie (and her wiggles) bumped into a stand with hundreds of gift cards on it.

They all fell over

plus another stand with some stuff

plus a huge box with a train set in it

this i was secretly hiding to buy for Chadwin.( I know, I know, why get it when he is with and try to hide it? really…come on) but it was on sale and their was only a few left. Oh and plus he has been begging for it every time we go into Weis.

Does all this justify my buying it?

YES YES and do not question me either!!

so a few people bend over to help pick them all up, I must say it was one flimsy stand. And I made sure to let Valorie know it was fine…just an accident. It happens.It is OK

We got out of the store without chadwin seeing me purchase the train set.

Thank-you Valorie for sidetracking him the whole time with the lottery ticket stand! Hahaha ( they love to play with the lottery stand ) and maybe after all their years of pretend purchasing tickets they will win big like our friends from Canada!


after getting everyone in the van and groceries loaded Sarah bursts into tears. I hop back to her to find out that Chadwin threw his hat at her which hit her in the eye. He did it because she called him a looser.

“Mom, I am not a looser”

sigh and then sigh again…

what does one say at this point???

If anybody,I am the one feeling like a looser by now.

so once we got on the road to hit another dollar store ( it is all our beautiful little town has…hahah)

i burst into tears

Yes, i confess i did…for once this post is about a day that is very real to many of us but afraid to tell.

I did not scream at the kids but we talked and talked and i cried and cried. All was very quiet while entering home.

Now they are all nicely tucked in bed…with hugs and kisses to last till morning.

As for me…

I am going to make myself an egg sandwich.

Oh and i will make one for my husband who just loves and adores me like i am! Then I will go to bed and plan to wake up and immerse myself in some good quality time with myself,God, and the closet.


Today was and is done. I look at it as GOOD. And hope tomorrow will be even GOODER ~ smile












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  1. >Have I ever told you what a fabulous mom you are? This blog made me laugh… and cry… and I think, "God bless her for being REAL with and in front of her kids!" I miss you so dreadfully and am dying to catch up.

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