>Follow your heart


I just need to tell you that when I followed my heart the other day TV today I actually got so much done.

(that depends on what you see as worth getting done)



for me it was:


MEGA cleaning of the garage. I had no intention of doing this as you know I was having ME time. From my kitchen window I saw the dog do her job at an inappropriate place so out I flew to catch her in the act. (I am potty training a dog) on my way in to the house,

I thought…man it would be fun to go through all this stuff/junk and make it clean.

and that is what i did!

I worked at it for three hours putting things in their proper place.

and I thought…man it would be nice to just up and run to the hardware store and get a few things to help organize this space

and that is what i did!


I stopped to shoot hoops with my son


at lunch time 2:00pm i said..”kids, what do you want for lunch today? and they said, PB jelly sandwich.”

i thought …it can’t get easier then that.


so that is what i made!

Later that day i thought…we as Mothers would make our life a little easier at times if we would just stop dictating our children’s every step. It is OK to let them have some say every now and then.It is good to put yourself in their shoes once in a while. See if you like their Mother and the way she treats you.Just put yourself in their place. Many times it is the best place to go to see things that need to be changed in your life for better.


From the kids point of view, dinner was not quite as successful.

split pea soup…hahaha


I hope my week has inspired you to live a little more following your heart.

One thought on “>Follow your heart”

  1. >YOU GO GIRL!!!! i bet it looks great….and feels so good!!

    thanks for that encouragement today. i agree, "do i like my children's mother?"

    xoxo from here.

    p.s. so good to hear your voice the other day.

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