>TV today


Today is a day for TV.

let me restate that…

Today is a day for breakfast on the couch with Mickey Mouse Club House,Handy Mandy,Dora…and who knows what’s next?? probably Gaba Gaba which hopefully we will have had enough by then and we can turn the TV off very nicely with NO fuss…because I cannot stand to listen to that show, it just gets under my skin…haha


I am aloud to make the rules right??


In case you are new to my blog I am the Mother of three not a teen running the show.


so I am aloud to make the rules right??

well regardless what you say.




I know the weather doesn’t seem like a day for the TV but I have been so thirsty for some ME time and I said to myself this morning…

“self, leave your work today,blog and then read something inspirational,write, get into the closet and pray, maybe take the kids to the library.DO WHAT YOUR HEART IS HUNGRY FOR TODAY”

and that sounded good to me

I agreed



The best inspiration is not to outdo others, but to outdo ourselves – Anonymous

2 thoughts on “>TV today”

  1. >hey kathy-somehow i found you here : ) awesome since i thot of u recently and wondered how u are…loved seeing pix-you have darling kids!!! God bless your life! Lena (zook) stoltzfus

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