>The Pioneer Woman


  If there is someone i would like to meet, sit and have a cup of coffee with,it would have to be The Pioneer Woman http://thepioneerwoman.com/  I love this ladies posts, I get recipes from her blog and for all that she does,I AM INSPIRED to be all that I can be!

Thanks Carolyn for introducing me to her blog!

2 thoughts on “>The Pioneer Woman”

  1. >I love her blog too! I've been a fan for a while now and have tried a bunch of her recipes! Still kicking myself that I didn't go to her book signing when she was about an hour away a few months ago!

  2. >Thanks for giving credit where it is due (to me). I haven't read your blog in like over a week, just read it now for the past about 5 blogs – love them all except for yesterday's blog… it was your b-day and I FORGOT. I forgot my best friend's b-day. Calling you right now. Carolyn

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