>Friends of Angel




                       You could say we are now friends…

PICT0023          PICT0028


sarahPICT0034                                                  chadwin PICT0033

valorie ( no picture because of school)




but what about how i feel by now…uummmmm

lets just say that i was REALLY upset this morning!( and those words do not do proper justice to how I felt, but I am not one to swear often so that will have to do)


I could not find my purse this morning and I sure did remember bringing it out of the van when coming home last night from the in-laws.

So finally i thought i would go look in the van.

I open the door to the garage and my purse is on the floor with my



credit cards



little bible

check book


and car registration…(don’t ask why i had that in my purse instead of the car box, probably the same reason you do…haha)

all spread across the floor and chewed on!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHH  scream!!!

I now believe in dog abuse. Although i did nothing but nicely pick everything up and sternly looked her in the blue class eye and said 

 No.  sit.  stay.


Tell me what posses pups to do this kind of mean and horrid thing? She should go to jail for this! Is there Dog Jail?? If not lets make one. Is anyone with me?


I then remembered setting my purse on top of the stroller in the garage while I helped one of the kids to the house.



My awesome smashing good sales this week seemed to make up for the frustration with the dog.

Check this out…



5 pairs of shoes for $11 and some cents at Kmart


A beautiful back-pack for Valorie next year marked $29.99 and bought for $2.97.

Shirts for all the kids at .97 cents a piece from JC Penny’s.




To all you women out there you just got to take the time to read this!


Perhaps it’s not personal


If there is one thing that women have in common, it’s our sensitive natures. Along with this quality comes a tendency to internalize and impute meaning and motive to the behavior and action of others.Here’s a thought: rather than going with your immediate reaction, consider that, at least some of the time, the things that happen really have nothing to do with you, personally, at all. It just may be that you are trusting the erroneous thoughts and feelings that have warped your perception, rather then admitting to yourself that perhaps it’s not personal. Let me give you a few scenarios that might seem familiar.

You have an acquaintance, every tine you see her, she doesn’t even acknowledge you, in fact she seems to look right past you. You begin to feel uncomfortable, thinking” what’s her problem, anyway?” You start to get mad, as she obviously thinks she’s to good for you. But have you considered the possibilities that could easily explain her apparent standoffishness?

Maybe she’s near sighted.   (That just cracked me up)

Maybe she doesn’t make eye contact because she doesn’t have time to socialize

Maybe she has other things on her mind

Maybe she is thinking the same thing about you

Just maybe, it’s not personal


Taking things personally only causes you unnecessary frustration, while leaving other people baffled by your reactions.


So the next time you catch yourself annoyed at a person or situation, remember to say to yourself: “Perhaps it’s not personal – and so what if it is!”

-Kristine Carlson

One thought on “>Friends of Angel”

  1. >Kathy dear, I am howling – sorry. Just get the dog spayed already, it will be all fixed. Congrats on your good deals over the weekend! And thanks for the writing by Kristine Carlson… you left this message the other day (haven't had time to call you back. Would call now because Tyler is at hockey and I'm home alone but it's 9:19 our time. Yes, that would be 10:19 your time.) and your flipping phone was cutting in and out the entire time so I had no clue what you were saying other than something about not taking it personally. Assuming you were reading the excerpt to me? It is very good. Get your phone fixed. Love you. Carolyn

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