Why are most all the instructions from the Instruction Book on today’s  page about how you eat? 


Please tell me you don’t drink low fat milk.


I personally hate it.


and what with using less salt?


I love salt.


i don’t have a problem with the red meat one.


I like the last one, but sadly when i do that for my own neighborhood i find that the manners are very poor. sigh, sigh

So  i guess i know what i need to do.

make up for it all and just SMILE at every one.


Help the elderly when I see them.


Be friendly and talk.


Attend or plan neighborhood get togethers. 






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  1. >Okay really, you need some health ed. Skim milk is all I drink – lots of it, it is good. AND the salt one is interesting because I've actually been trying lately to cut back on my salt intake. It is way too high, and especially after I learned that eating a salty meal in the evening makes you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes. Not kidding. But I love salt. And I love red meat. And you should see some of the people in this neighborhood. You would NOT move here. Love ya.

  2. >Hey hey cousin dear! So excited that I found you in blogland! I read alllllll of your posts! Love the way you write. It's so you and I feel like I am right there! It will be so much fun to be able to see what you're up too! Love you…Mimy

  3. >Well, well. not only on facebook, but also blogging? way cool. now i can peeer into your simply darling cute little life and catch up! ;)
    And im with you on the salt. gotta have the salt

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