>1st Day of School














I LOVE THESE…they are full of diamonds that sparkle! Valorie picked them out and I for once was in agreement.





This BIG yellow monster came by my house this morning and my little precious daughter just climbed on board and away they went.I am told they will return but not until the day is almost done.


And yes, of course the tears welled up inside of me to see her so BIG and brave! If you are anything close to a Mother this should be normal right??


 Tears of joy – I am so grateful that we have the opportunity in our country to learn to read and write


Tears of pride – I am a proud Mother of my daughter. I believe in her and my heart swells with love for who she is becoming


Tears of change – once again my life will change today…schedule must be


Tears of sadness – I will miss her so!


so I guess you could say I had mixed emotions when she climbed that yellow bus.



2 thoughts on “>1st Day of School”

  1. >Valerie, you look beautiful with your glasses and I love the shoes!!!
    Kathy, tomorrow she will be driving herself to school. It seems like I just put Mark on the bus for his first day of school and now he is 16. Treasure these precious days. They do go by fast as everyone says.
    Ruth Ann

  2. >How you felt is totally normal but you say it better than I ever could. I remember Jacob's first day and me thinking – why am I crying?? I mean, he'll be home in 4 hours! But I think it's the idea and all that the big yellow monster symbolizes. Tell Valerie that she looks so gorgeous!

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