>Welcome June







To me when you hit the month of June you have officially entered summer…and you know how I feel about that right 


so we had our first cook out this past beautiful week end and hope to have many more nights around a campfire.



the food  YUM-O

here is a great one for your summer grillin…

mix brown sugar with a little mustard to form a paste. Spread it on some ham slices and marinate overnight. Grill the ham and you are set!!


Why do you think people can sit for hours around a little flame and be entertained by it?? funny uh?

I love the marshmallows and their stickiness. wired right? but if they weren’t sticky it would take out half , if not all of the fun in eating and roasting them.

I do hope your summer is RELAXING and FUN!

Whatever you do stay away from smoking funny things…not good for your health and don’t drink Whiskey from a bottle…it looks undignified

other then that do what you like…hahah




we plan to eat outside most days, go swimming every other, plan a beach trip, go barefoot, catch lightning bugs, buy a hammock, watch a movie at the drive-in and Mom say’s there is soooooo much more planned.We wonder what makes her think it will be a relaxing summer for her? chuckle chuckle!



One thought on “>Welcome June”

  1. >Love it! Again. As far as the funny things – better stop taking your pills then too. Your summer sounds divine and motivates me to MAKE time for fun and pointless and… settling (yeah, that was the word I wanted) stuff outside with family and friends.

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