>Thoughts of Mine

>How the days come and go so fast I do not know? I sure enjoyed the sunny day today! I know many did complain about the crazy heat but for me it meant pulling out the kids pool for the first this year…working in my flower bed, which I sooooo ENJOY!!

some of my thoughts today….

What is it that makes people so uptight, crazy busy, stressed,unhappy? I don’t seem to have the answers about all of life but i do know the stuff that I have learned for my life.


I believe that too often we forget to tap into that something greater then ourselves or human kind, I call it GOD and GOD to me is sooooo many things…like LOVE, CREATION, GOOD, PEACE, HUGS, FLOWERS and the list doesn’t stop.

I do not want to be a part of things that are misery ( anger,frustration,jealousy,addictions) and yet I often can not remove myself from being around it, so that leads me to my next thought…

How does one LIVE life abundantly,fully when surrounded by what I call misery?

it takes something opposite of laziness, to be a GREAT Godly influence.

Each one of us has an area of influence, what I like to call “your sphere” or “your world” these are people who are involved in your life.

1. The neighbor lady that you don’t know well but always chat with when you see each other outdoors, take dinner to every now and then, you look out for each other.
2. Family, whether you see or talk with them alot or not much at all.
3. friends that you happen to be around regularly
4. co workers
5. your boss
6. your children
7. it could be your hair dresser (depending on how much you talk to her while getting your hair cut…hahaha)

Is my influence bettering my “sphere”?

Each of us has something good to bring to the table of life. Sometimes we just need to step back and tap into GOD. REST. so that that something good can come out and be seen.

May you be BLESSED as you chose to be a good influence in your “sphere”today

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