>A Blessing Recieved

>Thank-you to all of you who took the time to vote for Pat.

She did not win…cry cry

but she was very touched to know that people were rooting for her.

Today I receive a BLESSING that meant the world to me…while me and the kids went to a birthday party my sister-in-law came over and cleaned my house, she seriously scrubbed this dear little home from top to bottom.

OOOHHH let me say to all you Mothers out there, if you ever get the chance to treat yourself to something let it be a cleaning lady.

I love to clean my house but this was BLISS to leave the house…dishes in the sink. laundry scattered abroad, beds unmade and then return home to a good clean smell (I love to walk into house with a good smell) NO DISHES IN THE SINK everything is cleaned up!!!!! This is BLISS I am telling you…try it sometime

One thought on “>A Blessing Recieved”

  1. >I am so happy for you! I seriously need that. But the only in-law I have within cleaning distance is a father-in-law. And trust me, he does not clean. But if anyone deserves this, you do! ("God bless Veronica")
    Thanks again for all you did to get votes for Pat! I forwarded her your blog.(:

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