Piglet and Pooh


Pooh can climb a tree. Piglet is too small to climb a tree. Tiger can bounce high. Piglet is too small to bounce high. Christopher Robin can fly a kite. Oh dear, piglet is too small to fly a kite.” I am too small to do anything at all” says Piglet. Pooh tells his sad friend, “but look at all you can do” You can pick berries says Pooh. You can plant seeds, says Pooh. Piglet is a big help to Rabbit. “Yes” says Piglet and I can share with you and Eeyore. I can play Pooh sticks. I can hum a sunny tune with you and play follow the leader too. When  someone is sad being small is not bad. Piglet can give big hugs and make a friend smile! Piglet always goes the extra mile. Piglet is small that is true. But he can do lots of things just like you.

Go find a Piglet in your world and be a Pooh to them today. Because encouragement can do great things to one.  Believe in Piglet. He may be small but who cares, look for the gold and speak to it.