Thomas and Friends

My oldest son is 8 and all I ever bought him in his growing up years were Thomas trains. It is what kept him happy and occupied. No other toys interested him. Thomas was a familiar sight on our TV screen. His books laid around throughout the house looked at and read daily. But Thomas has been laid aside for over three years now, I suppose he is growing up. I have another son who just turned two. His interest is in trucks. He does however take interest in books and Thomas is one of his favorite. Today once again I sat down at his biding to read his thomas book, I did not feel reluctant this time and decided to read it word for word. I was surprised that he sat still and completely captivated by it through the entire story. I have read this book a thousand times and it has never spoken to me. Today it did.

The book describes each engine. Who they were. What they did. In a small paragraph you get the idea of the kind of person the engine is. I began wondering which engine best describes me and perhaps it would be better for someone else to pick me out amongst them all for it is only others that sees us best for who we truly are. I began to see my friends and family throughout the book. Such huge differences among these engines and now it is coming back to me all the movies from years before how these engines work together on their island of sodor. I have new desire to sit and watch them for I feel like they are meant to teach us something. Something that is so missing in our island of sodor. The last paragraph of the book will need to be copied and hung on my fridge, the air hung still for just a moment as I spoke the last words. Today I read a book out loud to my child like I never read a book out loud before and I have 4 children. We read a lot.

“On the road or in the station, On straight paths or twisty bends, Treat each person that you meet The way you treat your friends.

- Thomas and Friends