>Florida In Janurary



One night my Dad calls me up and asks if I could come help him work for a week. He would pay my ticket he says… I talked it over with Elvin and he was fine with keeping house while I would be gone.

“There will not be a dirty dish in the sink while I am in charge” he comments. I chuckle. (I leave dirty dishes in the sink, it does not bother me. It bothers him)

So the next day I purchase my ticket and the next day I fly away for a whole week ALL BY MYSELF!      No kids. No husband. No laundry. No dishes. (not that I do them that often anyway…haha)

My Dad has his own UNIQUE  business of fruit selling during the winter months that he and Mom live in Florida. I highlight the word unique because truly it is! My pictures will most likely speak for themselves.

The first thing I do is make some fresh squeezed lemonade.

Florida 003




       Florida 005


The next thing is heading out with my Dad in his little pickup to pick fruit. We just drive around town…we look for trees loaded with fruit. We stop at peoples houses and ask if they would like to get rid of their fruit. Most all people are more then happy to let us pick. Lots go to waste rotting on the ground.

and so we pick. Then we drive around some more. we pick here we pick there.

We head back home to the little town of Pine craft.  We drive very slow. Everyone in town knows of Dad’s good fruit.  Fresh from the tree. Cheaper then anywhere else!!

  I made him these signs soon after I arrived Florida 042

Florida 039         Florida 040

“ I want to make sure they come back for more” he says.

We sort and arrange the fruit.

Florida 037

We drive through town peddling what we got.

again we drive very slow.

Early afternoon and we head back to the house. It is time to call it a day. We park the truck. we put up the self serve sign. we sell fruit.

Florida 060


Next day we do it again.

This day we head to an orchard. Dad has made friends with the owner and now he lets him in to pick at no cost. We fill the truck.

Florida 017         Florida 018 

Florida 020 Florida 022


Florida 019


We take time for some fun. This young kid drives by alot to see if Dad needs any help. This day we ask him for a ride in his nifty little rip around. I feel older then my Dad today. I swear all his oyster stew and onion eating keeps him young!

Florida 013 

Friday night fun for my parents was spending the evening at friends playing card games. I helped. I learned alot just by observing. Altho I wouldn’t consider myself in the same class as them I truly enjoyed myself. At least for a time and then I was ready for bed…haha

Florida 054  

Florida 056

Posing with two of my Mom’s friends.


Florida 029

My Mom and I

Florida 032

My baby brother and I. He and his wife live in Florida as well. We took them out for supper one night.

Florida 031 You can tell I look free at heart.  Hey, without any responsibilities who wouldn’t? 

Florida 030

This week with my parents was a milestone in my life. I am grateful to both of them.

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