>Black Friday Shopping


Thanksgiving of 2010 we started a tradition with our friends from NY. We decided we would do the whole turkey thing and all the other good food that is meant to go with it. Like cranberry, pumpkin pie, stuffing and a good whine. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE TURKEY!


This year it was their turn to host the party. We headed out on Wednesday night full of excitement and my mouth watering for the good food to come. The plan is to just move in with each other for a couple days. IT IS A BLAST!! If you haven’t already, I think you should find someone to make this tradition with.

We had soooo much food!!


and we ate it all.


well most of it. pretty much we cook one meal and eat off of it for the next few meals.

The next tradition we made is black Friday shopping with all the kids under the very watchful eye of our football minded men.

This year our day started at 3:00am. My cousin and I really had no list. Just out to have some fun and of course to catch a bargain if we saw it. We saw it. (At least the trunk of the car looked like we saw it.)

We got to spin the wheel to claim our percentage off of total sale at this one store. Mine was lame so we went with my cousin’s who got 40% off. We combined our purchases and we saved!


We drank wonderful lattes at McDonalds to start our day


And acted goofy because we were allowed and we wanted to


Ops, I did forget that there was one thing on our list.



Now I am sitting here at home with the Christmas tree standing tall and doing it’s magic. A few wreaths of fresh greens here and there and even some chocolate coated crackers to start this season off right!! hahaha

154 160

002 003

And how could I forget to add that in the middle of all the fuss and fun my girls are fighting the pink eye. Yes, they have a heavy dose of it in both eyes and we have just been staying home careful to not get in contact with anyone till this virus passes. Putting drops in their eyes four times a day is quit the battle to fight! ( this is NOT part of the thanksgiving tradition…haha )

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