>36 Things I am Thankful For



Note: This list was made up last year this time and recorded in my journal. I faintly remember that I allowed myself NO time from one thought to the next but had to keep my pen moving constantly. Try it sometime, you might find it interesting to see what you come up with.

So here goes…( this will take me forever since I am not a fast typer)

1. Shoes of all color and size

2. Cheeks to place my kisses

3. The words, “ I love you Mom”

4. Thoughts

5. Time

6. Rest

7. Rocks, sticks, dirt, twigs, acorns, leaves, frogs, dandelions

8. Cameras to catch the moments

9. Insight

10. Blue sky and fluffy white clouds

11. Home grown lettuce

12. An ice cold Smirnoff after a long hard day

13. Strangers who come up to you, smile and say something friendly

14. Beautiful, restful parks

15. Swings

16.String to tie things

17.Tape to hang my children’s drawings

18. Coffee mugs – dark colored ones

19. My breasts

20. Inspiration

21. Seasons…in nature an in our own personal lives


23. Love

24. Sex

25. Women

26. Music of all styles

27. A mattress to sleep on

28. Seeds ( you plant,water and they grow )

29. Dogs to play with

30. Baby laundry detergent

31. Brains

32. Age ( it brings wisdom )

33. Blankets to snuggle up in

34. Daddies

35. Gold, earrings, flower pins, hair bands, watches….accessories

36. Sisters – they cannot be replaced

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