>Snowy weather



The snow is falling and coffee is calling u-hoo!!

It is lovely weather for a sled ride together.

Lets get-together and have a hot chocolate or two.

Ok I do believe there is a song along those lines right? How is it that I do not remember hearing this one during my constant Christmas music playing?

Should I play my Christmas music all over again? It just wouldn’t seem right tho…I mean, I can pull the music out loooong before it’s time but to play it the week end after?

nah, just not feelin it

For right now I plan to curl up on my comfy couch and read. (with 3 kids and a baby I hardly see my plan working but it is good to plan awhile )

Oh and I do plan to head outside and play…that I do see happening

I am like my Mom in that way…WE LOVE THE SNOW  You should have seen us on Christmas day. My Mom at 60 some years old and all the grandkids sledding down a big hill. IT WAS LOVELY     The man of the house was asked if he was going to join his wife and his reply was… Why would I put myself in that situation? All she does is scream when going down a hill. No thanks.

Haha makes me smile!!  If he is happy indoors I will be happily screaming down a hill. Anybody else wanna join?

snowy kisses to you all….

>Short little things that mean a lot



I don’t know if it is wrong but it doesn’t exactly seem right to eat as much as I do over this time of year.

It all just looks and tastes so wonderful and then the fact that at most parties the food stays sitting out on the counter for the entire time just doesn’t make it easy on anyone.


At least I can say that as much as my belly feels full so does my heart.

Full of contentment

Full of joy

Full of love

Full of living

and I am sure it is…

Full of blood as well

Well I do hope each of you enjoy yourselves and those closest to you in the next couple of days.

Don’t fight

Forgive readily

brush your teeth often

say kind things

pick up the mess made ( wrapping paper, paper cups, toys and such )

Hug your Dad

Don’t say so much instead do a lot

smile, even if you feel some pain at the moment


All of these may seem like little things but all of them mean a lot when acted upon, well, maybe not the “ brush teeth one” unless of course you struggle with bad breath.

Many Hugs to you and best wishes!



Sorry, There really was no time left yesterday for me to blog. none.

>This and That

Free dog. must go to good home.
Why do people say that?  How do they have any idea whether the home is good or not when they come to pick up the free dog?
and do they say no to some people because they feel their home is not good enough?
Shoot, I would hate to be that person. I would scream and say “discrimination” Not that that would make them change their mind, actually I am sure by then they would not give free dog to me.
No, I am not picking up a free dog and no I am not giving away a free dog. I just have thoughts of it sometimes.  I mean, Nicky is sweet and all and is VERY well trained but…it is just that I have to let her out to pee at the most inconvenient time for me. I can never just let chicken set out on counter. ( I probably shouldn’t do that anyway) but nevertheless if I wanted to…I couldn’t
The traffic was terrible as I headed out to the airport tonight! I went to pick up my parents who were coming home from Florida for Christmas.
We ate at Bob Evans and I plan to eat only there when I go out for the rest of the winter.
For one simple reason…They have the heat turned on.
My Mom says they keep it nice and toasty because it is a restaurant where old people eat a lot.   Always listen on your Mom.  She knows.
This was Christmas 2008
cousins 2008 155 
I am wishing and hoping for snow like this for a couple different reasons…
1. so I can go sledding
2. So I can curl up in a blanket and look out the window.
3.So I can throw a snowball at the Man of the house.
4.So that Christmas day will feel more like Christmas day.
5.So I can shovel the driveway and lose a couple pounds.
6. I think I will stop here before my reasons keep getting more lame.
Happy pre Christmas week end to you!!  Like Chadwin says to people…
Have a sweet Christmas

I started this post at 11:53pm so I am counting it as the blog for Friday not Saturday. Good Lord who gets up and does things that early on a Saturday morning?

>Magical and Dreamy Feelings



Somehow the sound of rain tonight makes me feel like we are at the end of summer, or beginning of spring. But it can’t be cause the Christmas tree is sitting right next to me ( I take it with me wherever I go throughout the house) Me and the tree – we are just kinda like that.   We stick together. There ain’t nobody comin between the tree and I.

I said nobody!

uh, I have never written before about how I feel about my tree have I?

Well we go way back…

actually we don’t because growing up my parents did not believe in the tree. Last I checked they still don’t. But that’s with them,  back to things about me.

I remember driving through the town at night sitting in the back seat of my parents car. How I loved looking at all the Christmas lights! I would dream of how I would decorate our house if I was allowed. 

I babysat for this one family and at night during the holidays I would sit right beside their Christmas tree until they would return. I don’t remember all that went through my head but I do remember feeling very magical and dreamy inside.

And now the day has come where I can have my very own tree. A very good feeling indeed. I now feel magical and dreamy all through the holiday season.

Is that a good or a bad thing?  ( don’t ask the Man of the house. He is not sentimental like that and I would hate for him to down play my magical and dreamy feelings. I would like to hang on to them until after the new year if I could.)

Like I tell my children occasionally when things are not how they want…For right now I am the Mom and this is what seems best in my opinion and then someday you will get to be the Mom and may do whatever you like.

  Have I ever written to you before about how I feel about my Great Aunt Ruth? No? Well we will save it for another time.

Good-night to you all, If I dream tonight I will rise early to tell you about it.

Dear God, Please let it be a good/nice dream. Amen.






aaahhhh I love reading the comment section.     I don’t want to look all desperate and everything. Really, I would blog all for just my self.      But I am just sayin, I like to read the comment section

>Broken Promise



12:38am I awoke to feed my baby. Half awake and half asleep my mind wondered back over my day and what should I find but that I broke a promise.

I forgot to blog.

I nearly leapt out of my rockin chair to come blog only to realize the clock told me it was a new day.

A feeling of despair washed over me accompanied with a feeling of fatigue and a feeling of Joy because of Christmas approaching.  (The last two really had nothing to do with me blogging I just wanted to let you in on my feelings at that hour.)

I have been thinking all day of how to make it up to you. I found nothing.

So lets just say it never happened and go on with today as if it was today.

Hehe…it is today. I don’t make a bleep of sense now do I?

Blame it on the chips. That’s right – my hand is in a bag of Lay’s sour cream/cheddar chips. Do you mind?

My hand also went deep into the chocolate jar. Maybe I should blame it on the hand?

If I where to advertise for anyone it would have to be:

1. Lay’s potato chips

2. Hershey’s dark chocolate m&ms

(Grapes will be on the menu a little later on…I promise)

Not that I expect you to believe my promises,it just felt better to see the word grapes somewhere with all my junk food.


So far in the last few weeks I have won $30.00 of free merchandise at JC Penny.

All because of the buttons! So get yourself over to Penny’s NOW gather a few buttons ( you only have till the end of month) and see what you can win!


We tried out the floor this week…

IMG_3014  IMG_3016

and then we all ate pizza and lived happily ever after.


I love you all. Have a splendid day!

>There will be a Giveaway



A little of this and a little of that is going on around here today.

I started with a cup of tea. Took one sip and just wasn’t feelin it so I went to my coffee and grabbed a cookie to go with and now that feels right to me…ahhhhh

Sarah, the constant giggle at my side stayed home from school today. She had a cough in the night (really not much of anything to worry about I just needed some Sarah time) She is probably thinking… I need laptop time.


She is now sipping on the cup of tea that was meant for me.

So listen up….listen close…I am thinking about doing a give-a-way. YES, you heard me… a gift that will be free.

Will it be yours to keep? Who can know?

So I am dreaming big a while…you want a new ford flex?

maybe a kindle?

a vacation for two?

Just so you know, If these things are in the give-a-way I am putting my name in for the drawing as well…

So stay tuned. Look for something beginning of year.


>Prayer for Newtown

Over the week end I have tuned in to the news a few times. The grief I feel for the families of Newtown does not allow me to sit and listen to all the talk for very long. 
Chase and Catherine are two of the children who lost their lives on Friday. I have decided to pray for these two families each time I think of this tragedy. I challenge you to do the same. Pick a name that stands out to you and commit to praying for that family over the next few weeks.
We accomplish so much more with fewer words and much prayer.

Dear God, I am so thankful I can come to you and cast all my cares on you. You are good all the time. Please,visit the home of Chase and Catherine tonight with your peace and comfort.Their pain is so very deep. Amen
Today was good in that I went to retrieve my free items.

1. JC Penny,,,they have these cool little buttons they are giving away and you take home and punch in code online to see if you win anything. I won a $10.00 certificate.
2. Wal-mart photo center called me this week to say we won a free 10×30 photo. I took the kids today to get picture taken.

See-you in the morning.

>There Was No Quiet

Here I am finally, I have been waiting all day for a quiet, like a super quiet moment and none arrived.
I say… none
zero quiet
even now there is still the soft humming of one child off in the distance.
Anyway why is she not in bed? I do forget about her in the evenings. She goes about doing her own thing without much of a peep. Often she has her head buried deep in a book.
Aaahhhhh  I love her so. I love them all.
WHAT? WAIT? what is this now…behold the man of the house decides to play his guitar right in the room of my space (my little computer space) singing …have a holly jolly Christmas. Now I just can’t complain about this can I?
perhaps I should have waited to post until midnight when not a creature is stirring not even a mouse.
It started out like this…
and then…things just went crazy
IMG_3059   IMG_3063
I am having difficulty getting this site to allow me to post the video.
Bummer. It would make you laugh
And I just know you need one more good laugh for the day.

On more of a different tune here is a really quick dinner idea for you all…
A wonderful idea on how to use up all your stuffing from the holidays. (not that I expect you to still have some sitting around from Thanksgiving. If you do please go ahead and pitch it and then just make some fresh to go with this recipe.
Cut up some chicken breast about 1 inch thick, place a handful of stuffing on top and then wrap with bacon. Place on a cookie rack and put on top of a cake pan. I do this so the chicken can cook all around and the bacon can drip. bake at 400 for about 20 minutes. serve with gravy.
No, I did not make this today
I did not want to make anything today…but I did
Good-night to you all.  I will see you tomorrow. Tonight I will pray a little longer before bedtime for the people of Newtown.


Just so you know, I started this post at 9:00 and published it at 10:30. Too many interruptions were made

>Blogging in the Morning



It is 7:50am Friday morning. Not the usual time for me to blog in fact I have never blogged in the morning.

I am not one to do things in the morning. I would rather sleep.

Mornings to me should be for drinking coffee with coffee cake (if there is any, and there isn’t any today…oh what to do? I just made my mouth water for coffee cake)

If you where to do anything in the morning it should be to pull on your running pants and go for a quick jog in the cold beautiful frosty morning.  I know that that hardly matches my idea of doing nothing in the morning and you may wonder does she really know what it is she wants to do in the morning?

Basically I am saying mornings are not for blogging.

And here I am blogging in the morning.

So I guess you could say…Mornings should be made for doing whatever you feel like on that day.

10 days till Christmas and I shall blog each day until then.

I will tell you the weather my feelings for the day and then some odds and ends,gossip and such.

I miss it terribly when I do not take the time to blog. Already I can tell you my day will go good because of this morning decision to blog. And really how pathetic that all I talked about was nonsense!

oh well…I will add a few pictures just to make it seem more profitable.

I love all of you who take the time to read my silly ramblings! Have a WONDERFUL day! Don’t rush so fast that you forget to hug the ones you love.


I am proud to say that these are my men!

DSC_3876 - Version 2

And these are my ladies!

oh and for the record I said “morning” 13 times in this blog.