>Dad in Charge of Baby



Dad was in charge of baby.

I do not remember why I put him in charge…I may have been going out for some fresh air

or was that the night he was fussy and I got tired of bouncing him.

I should’ve been going out to pamper myself with a pedicure/massage/manicure/shopping/Starbucks/

I kinda went a little slash crazy, I just wanted to get my point across.

Did you get my point? 

Well whatever the case, Dad was put in charge ( I fully trust him, he is more protective of baby then I am ) and I come home to find this…


Can you find precious little baby Jeremiah?

So tiny and so unexpected to see baby on chair I almost sat on him!




What can I say…he was fast asleep. He is a boy with his Dad in his man cave. He was in his element so I smile.