um, um, um… coffee this morning while snuggling my baby plus digging down deep on the couch with a new book!!

Life does not get much better then this I am sure.

Just coffee alone would make a good life.Smile

Speaking of a good life…to be honest it is when relationships are healthy that we feel like life is good. It is rather interesting to me how we humans are in great demand of each other. We need each other weather we admit it or not.   I like to do all that I can to make those relationships close to me healthy. Of course this is never an easy task for every one is different.

Daring Greatly by Brene’ Brown is the book I am getting started with.

I love Brene’ Brown. She has a way of putting it to you that leaves you getting down to it.

Does that even make any sense at all? well, if you don’t understand my expression then just get one of her books and READ!

>Mittens,Monkeys & Baby Lotion




Perhaps it is the quite restful personality,

or maybe because it has been 5 years since I have mothered an infant,

Is it that he is sooo darn cute?

I really don’t know what it is that has me so in love with this little man!!

I just feel the need to say…I am in love

I am in love with all his monkey outfits…

IMG_2405     IMG_2401

I am in love with the blue of his eyes…

IMG_2367    IMG_2366

I am jealous of others when they hold him…





Jeremiah Allen…I am satisfied to just sit and hold him all day long.


The little mittens are my best friend…


and then there is the baby lotion…have I ever talked to you about my baby lotion?

well, it comes from a far away land, we must send for it and it is all so very worth it.

It puts Johnson’s to shame.

Zwitsal  is the name of it.

click on it and you can see the home page of the product.You can Google it as well to find an English site to order from.





IMG_2200  IMG_2197

you ask why?

well…just because we are weird that way. We are one crazy group of people at dinner.


maybe he is an alien and we just never knew it.

Oh my gosh did we all laugh…and laugh

and then I thought surely this baby of mine will burst forth. But no, he still remains in his safe place, growing and making me waddle.



This is her best shoot at crazyville.

( Of all the nights to pull out my camera it would have to be spaghetti for dinner. I do apologize for the messy mouths)



I hate it. but to be fair I will post it. Don’t linger long just move on to the next one please.



IMG_2196   IMG_2203

Yup that is my girl. Isn’t she beautiful? She fell on school monkey bars today which knocked both her front teeth out.

I was quite thrilled to let the school nurse handle it all since this one will PANIC at blood or go insane with the tiniest bit of pain.

These two teeth have been lose for weeks, practically just dangling there.

>Garage turned into living space



Is this really what happens to people when they build houses?  I have never seen so much white dust!

My amazing husband really knows how to do everything, well, I can’t really say he would know how to farm but that is just cause I have never seen him do it.

but back to white dust…

I am trying to see it…men getting all white and then what? Do they go home and shower or stay white all day?

Do they set up porta showers like they do porta pots?

Now, I will always wonder about this when I see a new house being built.


My peace and quite has returned this morning, I am really liking it. However there is so much to do around here…painting,cleaning and reorganizing and how could I forget the best part of renovating…decorating and redecorating!

I am thankful for magazines. They always give me inspiration in this area. If you haven’t already I highly recommend that you subscribe to a good magazine. I am partial to red book (although it doesn’t have much to do with home décor)

“This Old House” is one my sister-in-law introduced to me and I LOVE IT.

It has everything to do with home decor!.