>All About Time



The time has come where it is all about time.

Time to wake up.

Time to brush teeth.

Time to eat.

and then off to school they go…


and like now, I am at war with the clock.

I need to be in bed so I can awake with a cheerful smile.

but I want to blog

and blog

and talk about my feelings.

I guess I will compromise and just post tons of pictures and let them do the talking.

IMG_2141  IMG_2149  IMG_2138


IMG_2135    I love their choice of shoes this year!





IMG_2125      IMG_2153 Somebody was just a little too excited for my liking. Her and I spent the whole winter together. We bonded. Does she have to be so into this?

IMG_2164    IMG_2165 and away they went, just like that. I really was thinking of going back to school myself just so I could ride that bus with them and make sure all will be well. When I applied they said I was too big and not the right age, that if I wanted to go back to school I could do online courses. It’s discrimination I yell!!! 

IMG_2170  IMG_2166 IMG_2168

Oh Momma, Does it have to be like this? Do something please!!

IMG_2171  I just can’t take it Momma, What will I do all day?

IMG_2172 I guess I will sit here and wait…and wait….and wait.


And wait she did.

I was glad for her company

I hope she felt the same about me.


good-night to you all…

>Hail Storm




No… it is not snow in August.

It is not Christmas in July (what is that anyway)


It is hail at our house on Wednesday night of August 15 2012.

IMG_2089  IMG_2090



Poor Nicky pooch hung by our legs and Sarah kept going from crying to gasps of “oh my word” The man of the house kept opening the back door and letting in the wet. I ran around the house closing windows and doing motherly things.


it went dark

very dark

you would think we live in a cabin at some remote spot in the mountains the way we lose power over every storm.

No real damage was done and we are all safe thanks to the protection of our strong home.

>Hometown Shopper



So the carpet is all torn out…Why is it so much fun (especially for us ladies) to see fresh clean new things come into our homes? And make that lady pregnant and she gets all nesty and buys new things and paints and rearranges.

I think it is hilarious!!

  Don’t even think of messing with the women who is nesting just go with it!! haha


The bags on the window?

I have no explanation for that except to say the man of the house was dragging things out of room late last night and at one point he says loudly to the women sitting on chair, “ One thing for sure there are WAY TOO MANY bags in that closet”

Hey, I like bags.

What do you like?


Just in case I forgot to get any picture of before, here is a small piece of the original red that was in this room.



This is all our junk!  we don’t own a junk yard or anything and we are not junky people…ok I don’t feel like explaining our junk situation anymore. Lets just leave it at…we got rid of all our junk yesterday.

Yup it all fits on one small pick-up! haha
I responded to an add in our awesome hometown shopper.

Wanted: old washers,stoves anything aluminum. Will come load and take for free.

So these two guys came within an hour of my phone call and I was a peeping Tom from my kitchen window…They kept pilling our junk on that tiny truck!!

I could not work at anything because this was too funny and interesting at the moment!

I kinda felt like offering them some lemonade. The sweat was dripping from there faces. but then again they could have tied there long hair into a pony tail and perhaps that would’ve kept them cooler. After all was loaded it took them a LOOOONG minute to discuss (I am guessing) how to back that truck out our back yard and down the hill to the driveway.

They made it out safe and now I have an empty shed!!

I love our hometown shopper!!

You really should come live here in our town.

The hometown shopper would be plenty of enough reason to make the move.

Ok I need to go make myself look useful, like stand in the way of the carpet layers just to enjoy the beauty of it all!!

>This Week



So I made my own salsa this week and canned it and GOOD LORD it is AMAZING! If you stop by I will let you in to try some,just state the purpose of your visit and I would be delighted to serve you.

I would love to share the recipe but right now I am too lazy to get it and type it out.

It is liberating to state how you feel about things.

Try it. No apologies, No excuses. Be real.

Of course there is something like having tactfulness and wise discretion on who and what you are free to speak about. But you just can’t go wrong when being real and true to yourself. You may get judged, look out! You may offend some, it is not your responsibility to make others feel good!  BE REAL! IT IS GOOD FOR THE WORLD!

Football happened here this week.


He was not mad. I do not know were this look came from. Every picture I took he posed like this. Do you think he must have been feeling all tough and cool?



A beautiful and wonderful friend of mine threw me a baby shower. It was delightful!!

IMG_2000     IMG_1999

A few other friends helped out and made the yummy food. It was DELICIOUS!!

I had a BLAST!! 


This is me and my growing baby with my Aunt.


And all of this is happening while the Man of the house is hard at work renovating and adding some space to our wonderful little home.

IMG_1986     IMG_1971

GOD BLESS AMERICA. ok wait…I meant to say…GOD BLESS THIS MAN!!

And can someone tell me why the Nicky pooch is on my couch?


She already knows this is off limits.

So Nicky dear, don’t even think of it. Can I dream of it Momma? No do not even dream of it.

NO is NO, unless I change my mind.

It is a pitiful shame to the one standing on the other side of my “No”. Who is to know when and why she changes her NO to YES. It baffles me too.

Good-night for now.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite and if they do get a shoe and wack ‘em till they are black and blue