>Birthday Girls


Last week we celebrated both girls birthdays. It was One busy week for me!! I might not be so busy if I’d just buy their cakes instead of stressing about making them. The thing is…half the time I can’t buy what they ask for. So I just shoot in the dark.






Red velvet cake with lots of layers and a ballerina on the top.


One thing that I have learned over the years is…you can ice your cake much better if you freeze it for a little first and then freeze between one step to the other in decorating it. Takes some time but worth it and not so messy.








Choc. cake with Clifford on it or Curious George.

I decided to go with monkey since I was not into all the red icing for Clifford.


IMG_1447  IMG_1450 IMG_1451

>Just Chillin’



Today is rainy so we are just chillin’ out.




Well maybe some of us are, as for me…I am kickin butt!

Every pregnancy causes me to paint. I don’t know why? It is just like a food craving.


Today seemed like a good day to cave to the craving.


Took the cabinet doors off and painting the back just like my walls. No more opening and closing doors a thousand times a day.

I plan to organize and make it look pretty to the eye.


Add my beautiful blue plates


Some nice blue bowls.


and some pretty pieces here and there.

Come back soon cause I will let you see the finished product. Also have some awesome birthday cake pictures to post. I would have done that first but my craving to paint got the better of me.

>A Boy and a Girl



There was such a huge amount of anticipation for this day,followed with much glee,joy,excitement,mixed emotions and some tears.

My fingers were crossed as we entered my doctors office for my first ultrasound. It was a family affair.  Will it be a boy or girl or both? Are all the fingers there? Is everything normal?

YES, YES, ALL IS WELL!!    And just one, not two. well actually we are getting two but one is coming in the form of a dog. One will be a girl and one will be a boy. I will let you figure out which is which.

The dog baby arrived tonight. A HUGE surprise for the kids!! I left the house telling them     “ I need to get out of the house a little and I will be back before long. “

I was so excited for this time… I had to watch my speed as I drove to McClure for this precious little baby…


She was adorable!  We bonded the whole way home.

I brought her to the house in my hand bag and told the kids to close their eyes. The look on there faces nearly brought tears to my eyes.  A special moment indeed!  We will NEVER forget our dear Angel  An angel for sure   but we are so ready to embrace another puppy.


BUT WAIT…Elvin spied something.

Look at it’s pee….it is in the middle of her belly!!!   ALAS IT IS A MALE!!!   OH NO, we signed up for a female.


They gave us the wrong puppy!  This is all wrong!  And the kids burst into tears!

Wails of…”we want to keep this one!” 

Stupid me that I never once thought about looking before taking off with it!

I already bonded with his one!!  AAHHHHHH 

I pick up the phone and make the call and sure enough our girl is back at the place and the boy ( which is sold and has it’s owners coming tomorrow ) is with us!

They offered to meet us half ways to switch right away. This time Elvin and kids pack up and leave to receive OUR girl boxer.

I stay home to clean cage.




She will not leave Elvin’s side!

I bet they bonded on the ride home and now he will always be first place!




I am soooo freaking jealous!!

He has too much off a smug look on his face for my liking. oh well, I must admit it is pretty darn cute!

>Rainy Field Trip



I am sure that on any other given day this rain would just have been perfect for me. However, today just did not suit me well.

Chadwin had his field trip today and I went along as a chaperone. We visited Lake Tobias which is a small zoo near Harrisburg PA. 

Every last one of us were soaked from the rain!  I pray none of us catch a bad cold.

Why do people say that?  “you are gonna catch a cold, get out of the rain”

Is there something to that? Or maybe just an old wives fable?

I have always wondered why you would catch a cold from being wet while fully dressed, and not from the wet of your shower, undressed?

All I know is that the hot shower sure felt better to me when I got home then the rain did all day!


Both my girls have birthdays this week and so the cake making has begun.

I suppose we will all be a bit fatter after the week. My neighbor lady included, because I always share cake with her.

Umm, I would like to make this into a cake. You think I can?  I really do believe I will try it.

I will let you know how it goes.

>Little Detectives



VKF at your service.

(stands for Valorie Kathryn Fisher)

If you have any problems just call me and I will come right over to investigate and solve your problem.


But wait there is not just me there is my helper SNF


And if we can’t solve the issue we will bring out the pro CJF


Together we will solve all your problems Mom. We are at your service.


These guys are so good that I no longer have any problems! hehehe