>Sarah And Her Eyes





Every year I go to see a specialist.

I am near sighted in my one eye so since I got glasses I can see so much better!

I also have trouble with my night vision, my glasses do not help for that. I just work best in a bright room or in the great outdoor light.

On this particular visit I decided to take notes on my progress.


I love my doctor. He talks to me and he always checks little lambs eyes too.


I love little lamb!


My notes say…I am doing well.

Valorie and Chadwin had to stay home. I do believe they were into trouble.


Thanks for reading my story. Maybe one day I will have my own blog because I am so much like my Mom.

Love, Sarah

>The Meaning of Spring






 verb (used without object)

1.to rise, leap, move, or act suddenly and swiftly, as by a sudden dart or thrust forward or outward, or being suddenly released from a coiled or constrained position: to spring into the air; a tiger about to spring.

2.to be released from a constrained position, as by resilient or elastic force or from the action of a spring: A trap springs. The door sprang open and in he walked.

3.to issue forth suddenly, as water, blood, sparks, fire, etc. (often followed by forth, out, or up ): Blood sprang from the wound.

4.to come into being, rise, or arise within a short time (usually followed by up ): Industries sprang up in the suburbs.


So go ahead…SPRING TODAY.

Ok I know this is not what we are really thinking when we think SPRING TODAY.

I just had to put a twist to our thinking.

Not a bad twist eh?

Enjoy your SPRING either way.




>Renovated Bed



All my growing up years I never had trouble with not liking my bed. I mean your bed after all was an inviting place to go to. SLEEP OH DEAR SLEEP! 

My husband and I got married and went mattress shopping. We decided on a luxuriously soft memory foam pillow top queen size bed and paid a pretty price!

After a year however, we were not sleeping so well, we would rise in the morning to back ache and the bed started to sag in the middle. Go figure…we must have been sleeping on top of each other in the middle of the bed thus the sag.

It really just slept better with only one in bed.

What a dilemma!

We had a year warranty on the mattress that I thought we were getting pretty close to if not past it. So I gave it a try and called the company (which by the way is out of business to this day) They sent someone out to look it over…

I am thinking to myself, Why do they have to come look at it? Can’t my word be trusted? I will have to take all the covers off ( I hate this process )

AWKWARD …  me standing in the middle of MY room with some young kid feeling and testing MY mattress.  I wanted to say, Look kid I have slept in this bed I know what I am talking about I want my money back.

So they bring me in another mattress, an upgrade to the one we had.

A few years later we are back at square one. No more warranties but very little restful sleep.

Time to take action!

Off to the mattress store we go

We buy the firmest mattress there. You talk about switching from one extreme to another.

The minute we set it up in our room I hated it.

All for a sentimental reason. It was like a foot lower then our other one.

Things did not improve. What could be wrong with us?  We do not look forward to bedtime.

We sleep wherever we sleep the best…the couch, the floor, the kitchen table. Anything other then the bed!!!  SLEEP HAS NEVER BEEN SO ENVIED!

When greeted by others in the morning hours who’s eyes look rested and bodies seem to have an air of tremendous restfulness… I am green with jealousy.

I have thoughts of stealing their bed. I have mean thoughts.

I have thoughts of all sorts because when one has not had a good night sleep in years… one will go mad.      It is nothing short of a miracle that things within the home stayed in tact. That I mothered and did wifely things fairly smoothly.

I started out on a quest for a better pillow. Someone told me it could be your pillow.

I thought myself nuts to pay 10$ for a pillow but I did it.

It helped for a while.

I bought a different one also for 10$

It helped for a while.


I settled into the coping mode.

Then I got pregnant.

And I got desperate because Lord only knows how we pregnant women need our sleep and also how uncomfortable that sleep becomes.  I could not handle my sleep to get any worse.  IT STOPS HERE. 

Should we take seminar classes on which mattress to chose or how to train your head and back to overlook the pain?

What to do?

YES, a new pillow. but this time not 10$ but 33$     A mattress topper of 5 inches part memory foam and part fiberfill. $100.

And a good look at the frame. It seemed to need some adjusting. The box spring was not sitting evenly onto the frame.

So with these three adjustments we tore into setting it all back together in desperate anticipation of a GOOD sleep.  It felt marvelous!!! But the true test would be in the morning.

We have now slept in this renovated bed for two nights and I wrote all this to say that…

I am in a very serious relationship with my bed!!

And we all better hope it last!!


I am retiring early.

>Dishes and Bath time


Today I must post these pictures! They were taken about a month ago.

042 047 043

I decided to let her wash my dishes, she was delighted. We filled the sink with bubbles and she went at it talking and humming her way along.

About an hour into it things fell quite.

I peeked around the corner and what to my surprise….OHH OHH MY!!

I am sure my mouth fell open and that I quickly put my hand over it to keep all noise in.

Water was running out over the sides down onto the floor!!

This with clean dishes don’t seem to go together well in my mind.

OH OH MY… and is that fresh bread on the counter?

what can you say? when you see such JOY on a little ones face?


You laugh and giggle along.


The humming and talking has started back again. Maybe we were quiet when we weren’t sure about the thing we were about to do. But once comfortable with that thing we began to relax.


“Actually I feel so relaxed I think I will just take a rest in here. I don’t mind that I am all scrounged up. The water is warm and the sun is shining on me, my work is done…aahhhhhh nothing like a warm bubble bath in the middle of the day.”


046 057 059

Sometimes you just gotta let happen what happened. Roll with it. It’s not like what happened will happen every day.

Really I think I can apply that thought to a few more things in my every day life. We might all be a little less stress out.