>The Tavern Wedding






I ended this year with a lot of good memories. One of which was a trip to Kentucky. Most all the guests ( some 60 or so ) stayed in this lovely Tavern. The ceremony was held in a cute, small, near by church and the reception was at the Tavern.

Really all weddings should be done this way.



party late and you don’t need to drive home that night.

I never knew this shade blue could be so pretty….


040        032








Dressed for the wedding.


Of course a wedding calls for a new dress right?  Tickled pink to find this one at only $32 at Charlotte Russ. Charlotte has been my store this year.  I do that. I go nuts over one place for a while until I find something else that is better. I even bought my ear rings there to go with it. Sorry you can’t see them. The purse is from Burlington $9. Yup, that was a keeper.


This was a picture from the outside looking in. See all the beautiful blue toll.


Below is a glimpse of the song the groom sang at the wedding to his bride.  It is a beautiful song!   A little fuzzy and shaky from my poor recording.