>Santa and I





I always wanted my picture taken with Santa. This Christmas I made sure to have a moment… just Me and Santa…all by myself.  It looks like I made him blush. Is he blushing?

I even shooed the kids away.

I don’t think he knew right what to do or say.  HO HO HO is all he could chant. He didn’t even ask what I wanted for Christmas but I don’t hold that against him.  

I got what I wanted anyway.



I believe my kids left him know right up front that they know he is not real and that he is just dressed up to look that way. Poor Santa, what was he to say?  HO HO HO?  They had one loooong conversation with him. I was too far off to hear what was going down.


Nevertheless, I got my picture taken and that is what counts for today.Plus I think this one is adorable…


What I would like to know is why does he gotta be so big and all? I mean if he is to deliver gifts to all around the world wouldn’t a better diet help get that accomplished quicker? Just a thought I had while posing with him.

Don’t be too surprised if you see me and Santa arrive in your mail next year at Christmas time. I think it would make an excellent card. Don’t you? 

>An Angel For Sure



Well, if she wasn’t one before we choose to believe that she is one now. Our naughty but ever so loved Angel was laid to rest tonight. She is snug in her grave with her blankie, one short little note from Sarah and one long letter from Valorie. Chadwin chose to keep the Christmas gift he had bought for her and give it to a friend’s dog.

It was a sad day.

Lots of tears.

Angel:  We will forever remember you. How could we forget one with such extreme personality?  You scratched my windows and made them dirty. You tore my screen door.  You chewed to pieces Chadwin’s football. ( actually we were on the third one I believe)  You peed in the garage sometimes. ( I hated that)  You tore one of my bed sheets off the line and made big holes in it.   And yet…we loved you. Because we knew that the more love you got the better you behaved. We came to accept you just like you were.

BEAUTIFUL in our eyes!

We will miss you terribly!!




You brought so much laughter to us!



Chadwin wants to dream tonight that you will come alive. And then he wants his dream to come true.





You were constantly at our side.




Angel was killed at 11:30 on 12/22/11  She was crossing the forbidden road when a vehicle came. The driver did all he could to stop in time but it was to late. We believe she was killed instantly. Another car stopped and it’s driver ran to the door to tell the news. I opened the front door and there she was straight in front of me laying in the road with a puddle of blood. I quickly closed the door before the lady could say much of anything because of the kids…of course they came running and looked right out the front window and saw all. It was not a pretty moment!  Elvin went out immediately. After some time the kids and I went out as well. We got a chance to talk with the killer. He was devastated! Especially after seeing Sarah come running, bend over to stroke her ears and sob.  We wished him a Merry Christmas and comforted him as best we could. We carried dear Angel to the back of house and covered her with a blanket. Today, Instead of Angel it was I who greeted Valorie off the bus. It was not a pleasant meeting.

>Ham and Cheese Anybody?



YES, she is 7 and she can cook.

She pulled out a recipe book and found a sauce to mix up and put in these sandwiches.

She made these with only a little help from Dad.

They were FAB-U-LOUS!!.

Where was I? you ask.

Well it just so happened that I sat down on my lovely couch…fell asleep… and it happened to be dinner time…go figure

but no worries. When I awoke dinner was being served.

I plan to sit on my couch again next week. I will try to work it at the right time. If not tired I will pretend.

you know you would think of doing the same…chuckle,chuckle

>Hidden Candy



One afternoon a few weeks ago I was cleaning up in the kids room. I decided to make the beds neatly. When I came to Sarah’s bed and pulled back the covers I found this…


I stood there for a minute and chuckled to myself. At the moment I had these delicious Reese’s pieces in a candy jar in my kitchen. At some point in the day Sarah must have helped herself to some and gave it great thought.

I am sure her thoughts went something like this…

ummm  where should I hide this candy?

I know I can’t eat it all now… I would surely get a belly ache ( I drill my kids about this and now they fear lots of candy intake at on time )

How about in my bed? Then I can eat it at night. Mom will not see it there.

and so it was decided.

To hide the candy in bed.

I guess she also decided to take it all. And now what to do with the empty jar?

I can’t put it back on the counter or Mom will see it empty.

Oh where should I put it??

hey, I have a great idea, I will put it here…



in the corner of Chadwin’s room. Mom will never find it there!

and so it was done.

The candy was tucked in bed and the jar was hidden.

Anticipation for bedtime.

But the dream was shattered that afternoon all because Mom made the beds.

I nicely cleaned up the hidden candy, made the bed and also anticipated bedtime.


Bedtime came.


She hunted around in her bed for a moment. Not a word was spoken about it.

I then said, “ Sarah, you have been so good today that Momma just wants to bless you with some of her candy” 

her eyes opened with excitement!

“I will go get you some of my Reese’s pieces OK?”

I proceed to the kitchen thinking now what do I do?

I came back to her bed in despair and told her that my candy jar was missing. Where could it be?

She frantically hunted around under her covers once again.

“What are you looking for?” I asked

“Oh nothing” she said

“well then I suppose there isn’t any candy to give you after all tonight. I am really sorry! Do you know at all where it might be?”

A torn apart expression came across her face. I am feeling a little mean by now but loving the game!!  haha

“No” she said

Of course they are going to lie. Kids will do this. Not necessary a bad thing. We would do it too if someone played with our game. Of course it is always great opportunity for teaching the importance of honesty but in this case I lied too. It is not fair to punish one of a deed done that you yourself have committed as well.

All of these thoughts and more crossed my mind in an instant.

I bent over and hugged her tight and chuckled and said, “Momma found the candy you hid in your bed.”

We giggled together and she exploded with words of how it was all done and the mystery of it disappearing!!

We talked.

and talked

and then I gave her some Reese’s pieces.