>Black Friday Shopping


Thanksgiving of 2010 we started a tradition with our friends from NY. We decided we would do the whole turkey thing and all the other good food that is meant to go with it. Like cranberry, pumpkin pie, stuffing and a good whine. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE TURKEY!


This year it was their turn to host the party. We headed out on Wednesday night full of excitement and my mouth watering for the good food to come. The plan is to just move in with each other for a couple days. IT IS A BLAST!! If you haven’t already, I think you should find someone to make this tradition with.

We had soooo much food!!


and we ate it all.


well most of it. pretty much we cook one meal and eat off of it for the next few meals.

The next tradition we made is black Friday shopping with all the kids under the very watchful eye of our football minded men.

This year our day started at 3:00am. My cousin and I really had no list. Just out to have some fun and of course to catch a bargain if we saw it. We saw it. (At least the trunk of the car looked like we saw it.)

We got to spin the wheel to claim our percentage off of total sale at this one store. Mine was lame so we went with my cousin’s who got 40% off. We combined our purchases and we saved!


We drank wonderful lattes at McDonalds to start our day


And acted goofy because we were allowed and we wanted to


Ops, I did forget that there was one thing on our list.



Now I am sitting here at home with the Christmas tree standing tall and doing it’s magic. A few wreaths of fresh greens here and there and even some chocolate coated crackers to start this season off right!! hahaha

154 160

002 003

And how could I forget to add that in the middle of all the fuss and fun my girls are fighting the pink eye. Yes, they have a heavy dose of it in both eyes and we have just been staying home careful to not get in contact with anyone till this virus passes. Putting drops in their eyes four times a day is quit the battle to fight! ( this is NOT part of the thanksgiving tradition…haha )

>Five living together




This past Saturday my younger sister got married. I was able to catch just one photo or so of us. When you are busy fussing over getting dressed and then looking out for your kids plus making last minute adjustment to all the beautiful decorations and seeing to it that all falls into place smoothly…well there just ain’t much time left for snapping pics.

Sad, I know.

But anyhow, this is me and the four that I live with 24/7. We all get along pretty well for the most part.

It started out with just one. He didn’t want to live alone ( he was afraid of the dark) so he asked me to marry him and be his wife forever or at least until I or he dies. Since my affection was so strong for this one I had no choice but to say  “YES”.

Then there were two.

One fall morning we awoke together and just like that we shared toothpaste and toilet paper. We shared our pennies and food. Our bed and our clothes ( not really our clothes) 

We just kinda HAD TO make it work. So we did. But not without a fight….

She would say, I don’t want to share my food I want to eat it in bed!

NO, the man replied, I hate when people eat in bed.

But she said, I have always ate in bed and I don’t plan on changing that now, so you might as well get used to it.

Fine. I will sleep on couch.

And so the journey of learning how to live with another one days began.

If you want a good working together family you cannot live with someone and always have your own way. ( I still eat in bed, and he sleeps on couch some nights. I don’t mind and he don’t care.)  that’s what I call working together…haha

Something happened that brought three more to live with us. Something that could not take place with me in bed and he on couch. Gosh, how I love those three that came to live with us!!!  Each one brought about more fights in different ways.

Take the baby out of the room she is distracting everyone by her crying.

She said, you take her out if you don’t want to hear it. I have her all the time.

And so the parenting days began…

ahhhh and now we flow together like ants building their homes. ( mostly, not always) There is very little tension here not much anger sometimes there is hurt or disappointments. I suppose that that is all a part of life that one can never completely get away from.  Home is comfort to me. When I think about who I should give credit to for this ( because I treasure it ) I don’t come up with just one particular person. Yes, I  give my thanks to God, I thank my husband for who he is, I bless my children and I love myself (for the most part, the other part needs plastic surgery..haha )

It takes a lot of work to work together but eventually it becomes habit and they live happily ever after. ( or so we hope )

You never know what bumps lie ahead of the journey. Bumps that can bring on new fights. What I like to see is that the more bumps you go over together the more easier it becomes to work out the next bump.

>Fall Time




It is time we make it look like someone lives here, you know, make it look nice and kept up. This tractor promises to be of good help towards that.

I guess you do find treasures when you clean up…not that I would call this one a treasure… 



Why is everyone looking all smiley and happy about this?

Get it out of my house!!! OUT OF MY KITCHEN NOW !!






        015        019


Her friend is Monkey ( yes that is monkey’s name…Monkey ) and his friend is Angel ( not that she acts like one )

The four get along fairly well…Angel has small issues with Monkey. Perhaps she feels as tho she ought to be the one cuddled and held by Sarah and wants to do away with Monkey. She makes many attempts of destroying her.




I guess it looks like I needed the tree to stand with me for this pose…My 5 year old wanted to take a picture of me. What can I say?