>Lady in Lavender



I was at the grocery store yesterday and while waiting in line at the checkout I notice this lady doing her shopping just like the rest of us. She got my attention ( and literally I checked her out up and down )  I am guessing by her hunched back, white hair and many wrinkles she had to be at least in her 80’s.  But get this…you know how most older people have a dress style all of their own?  well she was different. She was dressed for our time. I would have worn what she had on. A beautiful lavender pencil skirt with a matching blouse. She had gorgeous ear rings!  Her make up was stunning.   It was not bright red and it did not appear pasted on.   It was creamy and pale in color.  If I had not been in the checkout I am certain I would have asked her if I could be her granddaughter.   As I was staring unashamedly at her she began to move ever so gracefully down the aisle and BEHOLD…on her feet were the most BEAUTIFUL gray shiny 3 inch heeled shoes!!!!   Do you know of any lady over the age of 70 that wears 3 inch heels??   She had the cart to lean on and I did notice a cane in her cart but even I could sometimes use those props when wearing such high heels.  The image will forever be planted in my mind.  I wonder what her story is?  What all happened in her lifetime?   What she has learned? 

I do hope I see her again sometime.  If not, I have learned from her that when I get old…wear clothing that are the fashion for that time not what was the fashion in my time. 

>Blogging Block



YIKES  and YIKES again… I am having blogging block,

Does anyone even know what that is?

I would guess it to mean that my blogging is being blocked. I wish I could blame someone for it and change it today. I really think I will blame it on my camera. I don’t like it and it doesn’t take good pictures and so I have no good pictures to post. I am having plenty of good revelations and exciting things going on in my life but I find them just a bit too personal to blog about. So sorry to let you down… but cheer up I am sure I will share bits and pieces of my life and my understanding of it as I continue to live it.   ( WOW that was kinda profound uh?)  


“buttered noodles”

Have you ever heard of them? Well this is how easy they are to make and how unhealthy they are.  I tell you what we eat them like there is no tomorrow!

cook a BIG amount of the really fine noodles. Drain. In saucepan melt a stick of butter and let it turn black. ( warning this is very unhealthy and should not be done often)  The butter gets a certain good flavor went left to cook like this. Poor all of the black butter over noodles.Mix them up and dig in!

Butter made like this is also very good tasting over the top of mashed potatoes!

>My Mug




We must have forgotten about the outside world because I don’t remember this picture being taken of us. 

I do remember however, the cozy feeling that came with just blocking everything out and sitting tight with my boy for some TV time.

I particularly like this pic because my coffee mug happened to get it’s face on. I have lived with this coffee mug ( which comes with a coffee pot) for 12 years. It is something I use every day. I never want to have to part with it.

It is amazing that I never lost it?  It has been left at places and I have went out of my way many a time to retrieve it.

I love my mug. We are like…TOGETHER

I love my mug…it gives me what I want in such a way that I want it. ( HOT black coffee)

The interesting thing…I have never really given it much thought about how long this mug has been around or how much it means to me. That is what blogging will do to you…it makes you see deep inside your soul. I LOVE THAT.

All this talk about my mug makes me want to go and hold it and show my appreciation in some way…haha  




The lid does not fit on the container of fresh warm chocolate chip cookies.

Oh what to do?

It is just too much bother to grab another small container…I will just eat the ones on top until the container will shut properly.

uumm…that’s what I am talking about!

At least once a year one should let themselves enjoy something good to eat with no restriction what so ever.

or once a month

I wouldn’t do it more then that. NEVER (even if I would, I would never tell)




My three cuties in 2008.

>A Stuffy Nose



I have a stuffy nose.

Chadwin: “I know Mom, why you have a stuffy nose.”

Mom: “why is that?”

Chadwin: “It is because you always shout at us.”

Mom: “Oh really? I don’t want to do that. I am sorry”

Chadwin: “that’s OK, maybe you just have a sickness. You should go see Mrs. Page. (Mrs. Page is the school nurse)

Mom: “Oh thank-you maybe I will have to do that.”


Have I told you that my new camera just isn’t meeting my needs?  I had been messing around with it for months thinking it is me that is the problem. After getting some prints made it was obvious that the camera does not take very clear pics. I returned it this past month in exchange for another one just like it hoping that it was just a default.

It appears to have the same problem.

I have not been snapping pics like I want to for months now. I say it is time to get this camera thing sorted out for good.

After some research I think I will go with a Cannon brand instead of a GD.

>Fresh Thoughts



The other day something wonderful happened and I thought to myself…save that one to post on my blog tonight.

Tonight came and went

The next day something dreadful happened and I thought to myself…I must write about that.      Oh and I can’t forget to add the one from yestertime.

that day came and went

I had a revelation and my first thought was to blog about it

I realized I needed quit a bit of time to sit and blog for I cannot go without posting all the good thoughts, happenings and stuff since my last post.

Note to self…Store all blog items in left corner of brain. Keep them close enough to the front so as not to forget them but far enough back to give space for thoughts of today.

By now the left side of my brain is packed and leaving me exhausted at the thought of blogging.

I will wipe my brain clean and start afresh for fear that I will lose my blogging passion all together.

Today I may just post twice or thrice to keep my left side brain empty.

I am stuck this morning, pondering on this one phrase that I read…


I will see you soon again on here. Please come back. I promise to never leave you this long again. (in myself I know that is not true)

I am asking you to believe in me anyway.


Just because I asked you to and I like when people believe in me even when I don’t myself.

Don’t you suppose one would eventually come around to believe in oneself after others have diligently believed in them?

Me thinks so.