>The 2011 Yellow Monster




She came back again and this time she took two of mine. She had better return them both in good health and positive attitudes with a hint of sadness from being gone from Mom all day.



waiting with so much anticipation!



New shoes from Grandma.



And away they went. My worries are set behind me instead I chose to Bless them and pray that they will show kindness in all their actions. May they be STRONG and not passive may they show respect for those in leadership. May they excel in every area of their studies. May they grow up with bright minds putting them towards good use. May they both enhance the human race.

>Coffee & Dreaming



The air is chilly. The nights are getting just a bit shorter and oh…oh how good the coffee tastes!

School begins for us tomorrow. My boy, my precious baby boy will take one big step and get into that BIG YELLOW MONSTER in the morning. My Big girl she will lead the way. Entering 2nd grade.

My little girl, my baby really, will be my Joy as the days will seem long and quite without the talk and laughter and fighting of the others in the house. I so anticipate this time with her!  I will most likely sit and drink my coffee. (Oh how good the coffee tastes these days!!) while she will snuggle up next to me with a book! And the two of us will sit here, we will snuggle and watch TV. We will make more coffee then go to the library. We will come home and play UNO. And before we know it the day will be done. And we will go to bed and do it all over again the next day. We will not tire of this kind of a life style.

Did I mention to you that I was sitting here and fell asleep and this is what my dreamy thoughts were?

I better get me to bed….good night. Happy dreaming.

>A Conversation



Chadwin:   Valorie, what is your favorite color?

Valorie:   sparkly rainbow

Chadwin:  what is your other favorite color?

Valorie: glossy pink

Chadwin: My favorite color is sparkly blue.


This conversation was held in the car the other day. It was a random out of the blue kind of subject. I drove and listened and thought to myself…well, many things I thought to myself at that time. One, What color is sparkly rainbow?? I almost burst out laughing at the thought but didn’t dare belittle this image of oneself.

Your favorite color is really who you are you know.

If you don’t have one you don’t know who you are.

So please, Quick, Choose your color. Let your imagination run. If sparkly rainbow can be a color there is no stopping what could be a color.

I like yellow.

just plain yellow.

don’t bother with the sparkle or gloss.

if anything I would put soft in front of it.

soft yellow. yes. that is me.

well, then again, I do like bold yellow at times.

Oh no, does this mean I don’t know who I am?


>Soccer Mom




Big Bluey

that is the name for this van. I name things. I only now realize how much I really name things. The minute a frog is found he is named. Each of my babies where named a few weeks after conception. The goose we now have was named instantly. Pecky is what we call him or her. Who is to know weather a goose is a male or female when just a few weeks old? The kids can’t seem to relax not knowing. I for the life of me don’t know how to tell. I say, “call and ask Grandpa”. They did and his reply, “I guess you have to wait and see till they are full grown”  That was not really the answer I would be looking for however it seemed to settle it for the kids.

So besides all that, I am now officially a soccer Mom. Yeah me!

I can now drive big bluey with pride. Finally.

(I still secretly miss my four door white honda)

Why is it that when a parent purchases a mini van they are then called a soccer Mom? Does anyone know? I mean come on…for two years I lived under the pressure of getting my kids in soccer so that the label would fit me.

Well it fits now.

We have soccer practice twice a week and we ride in big bluey to get us there.


GEDC1634        GEDC1635

>Movie thought



It has been a rainy day here. I don’t mind. I like it.

One of my early morning thoughts was…What a good day for a good movie. What a good day for two movies. What a good day to just sit and watch TV.

I kinda placed that thought somewhere in my brain where it could be easily remembered. Thro out the whole day I remembered it all right. To be honest it became a nag to me the more the day went on and I wasn’t preparing to sit for a movie.

And now as I sit here  (9:30pm) I am bothered by the thought that I never did sit and watch me a good movie. I ask myself…

Is it still too late to do the right think now?

The right thing would be to go read and retire nice and early.

In a case like this I brainwash myself into thinking that the right thing to do is anything other then the right thing. It helps me live more freely and not so stuffed.

So before the time gets too late I will now go and satisfy my morning thought that I had.