>Mud Boots



Sometimes a girl has just got to put on her mud boots regardless the weather or attire at the moment. She needs to put on some gloves because goodness knows we ladies cannot have that dirt creeping in behind our beautiful nails.She needs to set her heart and mind on one thing and one thing alone. Kick ass ( not literally unless of course the situation calls for it ) Work hard till you sweat. Get it done.

Sometimes we need to do just that within ourselves. Don’t be lazy. If the situation you find yourself in is ugly then pull on some mud boots.Be determined. Do not allow anything to take away your JOY. Don’t worry about what others might say when they see you coming in your mud boots. They don’t know the mud you are dealing with.Many may walk around in their pretty shoes pretending all is well but the mud will eventually show up.I would rather wear my boots and protect myself from the dirt then have people see me with pretty shoes and eventually making a fool of myself.Of course there is nothing wrong with pretty shoes if there is no mud around. Wear your gloves. Guard your heart. Set your mind on good things and get done what God has called you to do. Incase you are not sure what that is, I suggest you start out with this…Do unto others as you would have them do to you. LOVE and then LOVE SOME MORE. I believe in a short time later you will discover the unique thing that HE has called you to do.

Do not be ashamed to pull on your mud boots if the situation calls for it.. You will get more done this way.

>Salmon Cakes



The other night I became brave and went to the store and bought me some salmon. I never cook fish or anything seafoodish for that matter. Elvin and I are not big fans of it and yet we both do like it when cooked well and done up nice. As for the kids…well lets just say they are not particularly fans of any cooked food unless it falls in the line of pasta. Which is sad really, I mean how healthy is that?

So salmon it was…and IT WAS DIVINELY DELICIOUS!! I did not take time to snap pictures of it for you but here is how it was done. This is my quick version but you can go to Rachel Ray for the exact recipe.

10 oz of fresh salmon. Simmer in pan with white wine vinegar,cook one sweet potato and then mash it up. Chop some fresh dill, thyme and some scallions. add one egg and cracker crumbs to form the right consistency shred your salmon with fork and mix all ingredients together.Form patties and roll in cracker crumbs fry in olive oil. Serve this with…

throw some garlic and onion in oil then add some tomatoes. Drizzle a little red whine vinegar and sprinkle in some sugar. simmer for a bit then add a bag of arugula (which is kinda like spinach) toss to coat and serve immediately.

And always salt and pepper every step along the way!

I really hope you try this!!

It is worth it!

Every penny and your time!

>New York Fun


you know you are a Mom when…Your toothpaste is bubblegum flavor.


GEDC1210    GEDC1211

Cousins,that’s what we are but over the years we have become more then just that.We are now Mothers and wives. Our friendship has grown STRONG. So to start off our one week of togetherness we hit the town café, left the kids behind with her husband. We shopped a bit and then got pedicures ( pictures of that on my previous post)



Nestled in this cute little house in the town of Gilbertsville is where she makes her home.


GEDC1510I love this porch! We sat here lots! We talked about our husbands. We talked about our kids. We talked about out teen years and our long ago crushes.We talked about life and what we desire out of it. And then we drank tequilas and we laughed.



This is one serious hanging plant!!




They played. And they played. And they played some more.They even got creative with there play and decided that a bucket of water on the slide was not enough lets put the pool under the slide. And so they slid and slid some more.



until their butts were sore.



They became best of friends.






While these two looked out for each other





We went swimming.


We partied.

Yes, I am a Mom and sometimes I just want to have fun! And so I did.



We ate ice cream.

BIG ice cream.

Chocolate ice cream.

GEDC1302       GEDC1303


We got buried in the sand. YUK but FUN








And yes, with 5 kids we went for a paddle boat ride. A little crazy?


Some very sore legs?





This was our little home for the week.

>Corn on the Cob


Sweet. Juicy. Buttery. Messy. Salty.

NY 031


This is the description of corn on the comb at our house.

For some reason the baby of the family had to join this time…

NY 027


she even had her very own corn on the cob.


NY 033


Share it with friends and it becomes even tastier!


NY 071



So i did something this past week end that i had NEVER done before.

NY 065

I know it is crazy but yes my first time to experience a pedicure!

It was blissful!!

Don’t you love the blue going on? I sure do! with a little white daisy on the right big toe.



I will be back here soon again. I am having a wonderful vacation in a small town of NY called Gilbertsville. Lots of time to read to soak up the summer sun and quality time with the kids.

until next time, Find some courage because LOVE REQUIRES COURAGE.

>Thomas the Tank Engine




Oh the JOY to see Thomas coming down those tracks!



and still closer he came.


and closer


Until at last he was right where I have always dreamed of having him.






Me and my Thomas we are best pals you know,so this day was quit special for me. I got to touch him…take a ride on one of his coaches. (he is such a useful engine) I took my picture with him and I will never forget this day I had with him! NEVER! in fact I will probably come back next year to see my friend. I could never let him down, I must show up. Friends are like that…tight. You could say that of our relationship…Thomas and I are tight.

My sisters show a big interest as well however I wouldn’t say that they are necessarily tight with Thomas.

Valorie will often stick with Rosie. Which is cool and all since she is a girl engine.


Sarah she takes to Percy. Maybe because she feels a kindred spirit beings Percy is small like her.


I don’t really mind I am just happy they are with me today to experience this great opportunity of meeting my friend.



I got to play with cool trains as much as I wanted while my sisters colored. (until Mom got tired of waiting on me).



I watched a Thomas movie.



THIS WAS A FUN DAY! Thank-you Thomas for coming close to our town for a visit.