>Just Do IT



I love todays reading from Life’s Little Instruction Book really…there is no more to add to it. Just to do it. somehow though I want to expound on it…but I guess I will just say it again, this time in capital letters and with color.

I LOVE TODAY’S READING from Life’s Little Instruction Book.

You should read it too and then do it. Just do it.




If you want to hear this handsome dude perform go to Darin Rex and see upcoming events.


I can get you advanced tickets for $8.00 otherwise $10.00 at the door for the Concert in July at Grace Covenant. Chris Ruble and The Hip Shooters will be preforming as well.

>Couch & Staples



My mind can only think staples right now. In fact I am sure to dream about staples, too many staples.

I bought this couch back in 2002 and when the children came along it just seemed to lose it’s beauty, it’s full color. It was a very sad and slow process. I feared often for my couch! I should have scolded anyone who would dare trample upon and spill drinks or write with pens on this couch. But I guess it is obvious that I did not give it the respect and love it deserved. So one day, it made it’s way to the basement, It was in waiting.


Would we trash it? Throw blankets over it?

Just maybe there was a possibility of one day reupholstering it. MAYBE

It really still got used much even in the basement, I think secretly Elvin enjoyed it’s presence right by his office. Many a time I would find him asleep on it. I was jealous.

I shopped for another couch

I bought a cheapy to hold us over until….

I landed a beautiful set one day and we traveled to pick it up. It wasn’t the same as the one in the basement. I missed the one in the basement. Within three months I sold the set to my neighbors.

I bought another cheapy to hold us over.



I sold the cheapy at my garage sale.

and then…

Oh the excitement!!

and the joy as the couch came up out of the basement!

Tuesday Morning my wonderful mother-in-law arrived at my house 8:00 sharp and the two of us took on the challenge of reupholstering my couch.


It had way too many staples in it!! I pulled out staples from 8:00 till 4:00 with few interruptions. Some others helped along the way.GEDC0849




Next day…same time… we dove back into our project. It is sitting beautiful at my side! Needs a few finishing touches yet but well on the way.



I feel so happy!!!  (except for the staples running through my head)


in fact Valorie made a list…


>My Bench



After 8 years of wishing for a beautiful bench in my garden I finally up and bought myself one.

What is so hard about that?    Why did I wait till now?  

Questions I cannot answer. I only know that this bench may be for pretty but I intend to make it prettier by sitting my self on it quit often.


These two sat and watched as the bench came to life.



they will be forever friends.



What is this? And why would she allow anyone to pick up her hind legs and just be Ok with it?



They will be forever connected.




Once in a while you have these moments where you flop into a chair, you sigh deeply. This sigh is not one of frustration ( I have those moments as well ) But it is a sigh that expresses all is well. Life at the moment is FULL and complete. Joyous and right.

I had such a moment today. It was swell. I wish I had them more often. I relish each one when they come.

Perhaps it is the soft instrumental folk music that I have playing outside ( I like to work in my garden with music in the background ) that helped get me to this moment.

or maybe this beautiful weather we are having today.

I really did have a nice time this week end. It was spent at a cabin with my extended family. Lots of good food!!

Elvin had his first live concert on Sunday. Beginning of the year he started playing electric guitar for Darin Rex  http://www.darinrex.com/  I am so excited for him and his talent.

I guess I must say… the coming together of all these events put me in such a mood to have one of these moments.

But really on after thought…I have to wonder could it be that the thing that triggers such moments in life have more to do with our relationships and the status of them all at that time. Think about it…when the kids are relaxed and enjoying themselves and you, when you and your spouse have crossed bridges ( with many floor boards missing ) and still have love, when all conflicts have been settled. When all is good between you and man. It leaves no room for stress. you then have…A MOMENT

I chuckle to myself at just the thought now…ONLY A MOMENT

because the next moment all could go wrong…

I am a women. I have moments. If you don’t get that…I mean, I am capable of changing from one moment to the next!!

I love being a women. which if you don’t get that either…I mean, I love myself!!  ( that could change in a moment )


We visited this covered bridge on Saturday. Which is what led me to thinking about crossing bridges with your spouse.



It had a visitors book. You could sign your name and date it.



I am still working on how to run my new camera. The lighting on some of these are a little washed out.


Valorie was the photographer on this one.



>Dinner Preparation




I like to prepare my dinners in this fashion.

It just makes me feel better about the whole thing.

I used to hate cooking actually was kinda afraid of it. I don’t believe it was the sharp knives that I feared so much as failure. Still to this day when my dinner fails miserable it takes me all evening to get over myself. But let me just say…after I take the time to buy ingredients plus the time to cook it all and then have it taste weird or just plain don’t like it…I am surprised at myself for trying it all over again.

I guess that must mean that more of my dinners turn out FABULOUS then in a failure.

I think I just learned something about myself…haha  you know, that is why I write, it helps me know who I am.







This sign hangs on my kitchen wall. It was an art project of Valorie’s.and when she brought it home one day my first thought was….my oh my I wonder what the teacher thinks half the time?

So let me tell you the chores will begin a bit more heavy once school leaves out.

I had a brilliant idea of training all three kids to do all my cleaning! I will let you know how that works out for me…haha

As for today…we played.  of course there was dinner to make and dishes and such. Tomorrow we work.. (I will also let you know how that works out for me)