>A Swiffer



If you haven’t yet, you must go buy yourself a swiffer duster. YOU MUST.

Until today i have always dusted my house the old fashion way…a lint free rag and some pledge. Now there is nothing wrong with the old fashion way it actually can be FUN or DANGEROUS.

Just hold your rag up high while standing on your kitchen floor.

Spray vigorously with some pledge.

Call the kids,the husband, the dog…have some friends over and enjoy the slip and slide in the kitchen area.

Well, those days are over for us (not that we had many) because…

I bought me a swiffer!!


And today I am swiffering even my daughter is swiffering. I think this is going to be a GOOD investment.






I have never followed a recipe for this soup and the last time i made it it really turned out FABULOUSLY DELICIOUS!! So I have put together a recipe for you and me to follow from here on out.


1 LB turkey ham cubed into bit sizes

1 medium size onion chopped fine

4 T butter

1 can of great northern beans

1 cup (diced small) potato

1 tsp. salt

lots of ground pepper 1-2 tsp.

Season salt

1 can water

5 cans milk


In a big soup pot place 2T of your butter throw in pot. and coat with season salt. You will have to stir them as they fry up so as not to let them stick on pan. This gives each pot a wonderful flavor. Next push pot. to side or scoop out and then fry your onion and ham in the remaining butter. Add water and let cook for a few minutes. This helps soften up the pot. a little faster. Next add milk and you salt and pepper. Simmer for about 15 minutes. Of course you can always had more or less milk to your desired amount or some ham broth I am sure would be good.





>Missing Camera


I am baffled…where would my camera be?

I cannot blame anybody for this missing very important piece of my household.


It must be that this once i need to take all the blame. Yes, all of it.  WAIT…perhaps i could blame you? After all we don’t do so good with locking our doors when we go out, that means you could have come in and taken my camera from it’s spot at my desk. YES, this is very possible. The more i am thinking about it the more I am convinced that this IS what happened.

I am calling the cops on you!

Do not get any ideas of coming back for more, or to those who now know that we do not lock up so well around here and are having evil thoughts or wishful thinking of owning my things…because of my missing camera I will need to make a change. I must lock behind me every time i go out!! But then again i don’t even have my own key to this house. This is embarrassing and should not be!

I suppose you know me well enough by now that this means I will most likely head out the door on this rainy day just to get a key made to the house i own.

I am still calling the cops on you. Don’t you move!




One day of home cooked meals

A two hour massage

A through cleaning of your house

One item of your choice from my home (children not included)

A year of daily encouraging/mentoring and psychological help at your beckon call

$10.00 dollars in cash (sorry i am not made of money)

>Sunset Fire


This was the sunset last week one day.

 Unbelievably beautiful.



It truly looked like a fire in the distance!


And Yes, I took the pic while driving.




A funny thing…

I was reading some of Thomas Kinkaid’s writings yesterday while at my in-laws house. I was inspired about his talk of “saying NO to things” so to make more room for that which matters most.

No, isn’t always an easy or comfortable choice. Most of us are so accustomed to overstimulation that quiet feels strange to us. It makes us nervous. Quite can be an acquired taste. – Thomas Kinkaid

Later in the day I watched the movie Yes Man

This movie was all about saying Yes to everything instead of making excuses and always saying No. A comedy in it’s truest form.

My conclusion:

Find a healthy balance. Be true to yourself and others.


OK go watch the movie now. You will laugh!

I wonder if subconsciously people say Yes more after watching this movie?

>Saturday Night Live



This is Saturday nights at our house…it goes something like this…

PIZZA at 5:00

everyone leaves the table while a few remember to say, “thank-you Mom for the breakfast”    (to Sarah each meal is breakfast)  I am left sitting. You may ask, “doing what?”

I am eating.

“why didn’t you eat with the others?”

I try, trust me i do, but then there is always the ranch to get, or a cloth to grab, ops we forgot the napkins…some want water instead of whatever else is being served. the phone rings…maybe someone is at the door…

or what about this one… while in the middle of food one needs to use the bathroom and not just to do easy stuff but you know that which takes some adult help. I hear, ” MOM, I AM FINISHED” so yes, i need to leave my food and go deal with some other stuff that you don’t want to deal with while eating!!

Is any body out there? Do you hear me?

So, that is why i am left eating. I am perfectly OK with that!

I smile to myself and secretly stuff the rest of my pizza in my mouth (which i always tell my kids NEVER to do) because i need to get involved with what is going on in the other room.





( Don’t tell no one, but i think i get a bit jealous of this…)





OK, I got you. I got you all three and you can’t even move! That’s usually where i come in…cause if i tickle him he will have to let them go free!

And the cheers are on for Mom!!!



When the weather stays cold and it is time to get these kids OUT OF THE HOUSE just hang in there summer will come! But in the mean time do this for them…



and since they have taken all day to build themselves a little world under there, leave it for a day or two, heck just eat on the kitchen floor for one meal. whos gonna know? who said you have to eat EVERY meal at a table? Many in other countries don’t even own one.




And just to make sure that you don’t go thinking everything is just grand each day here. This picture was taken by one of my kids.

that’s OK and all, BUT i have told them time and time again “DO NOT GET MOM’S CAMERA”



Each day there are battles to fight. There is always room for more balance in one area or another. When you let it…LIFE will teach you many things. Choose to grow from the things it gives you. Give Thanks to the Lord for He is GOOD.

I, like you, have irritations with my spouse. Sometimes i holler at my kids. I eat fatting desert at 11:00 at night,get frustrated with a family member… BUT, i must admit I ABSOULUTLY LOVE MY LIFE. I AM HAPPY. I AM BLESSED. I have sooooo much to learn yet!!!  See, i tend to think that we all can feel this way no matter where we find ourselves in life. If we wait to feel Happy until all goes well…well, lets just say you will most likely still be waiting on your death bed. I am not talking about feeling NO HURT or having NO TEARS. NO, I am talking about a DEEP peace. A JOY that cannot be contained. Sure we all may have things that we may wish were not or wish for things that we may not have. It is learning how to live life well,how to manage your thoughts or what to do with your anger that can bring you to say..”I LOVE MY LIFE”

>Blog Title



I am thinking that this blog address is a little over the top. Like who is ever going to remember “elvkatvalchasar”?

  I am sure that i will cause it is the first three letters of each of our names here at this house, Elvin, Kathy, Valorie, Chadwin, Sarah.

to say it is kinda FUN

try it

try it five times real fast.


But i have been thinking that i should have something a little more…

well just a little more simple.

but tasteful



I thought of…

“The five Fishers”

“Sam and Us”  ( Elvin’s first name is Samuel)

but that all seems lame.

Then i thought of…

“Lady Kathryn” (Kathryn is my first name)

i liked it.

but it is not available to use, in other words someone else already has this name taken.

So now i must think some more, but i am not feeling it.


any suggestions?


and if i like your idea and it is not in use and then if i get famous through my blog i will give you 2% of all the proceeds. How does that sound?

OOHHH i think it is a splendid idea!!

I am excited!!

Are you?