>Morning Attitude


You Know You’re a Mom When… You start to referring to your husband as “Daddy” instead of “honey” or “sweetheart.”



  9:14 pm and I am thinking of getting off to bed. I know we all have different schedules and bedtimes, for me it is most often, too late to mention. So just the thought of 9:00ish in bed is wild!!  To be honest, I believe I am still recovering from loss of sleep during our Florida trip which, I know, happen over a week ago now. But I could still be recovering from loss of sleep from then right?


Today I was incredibly proud of Valorie. We have been talking for quit some time about her morning attitude. I have tried different things to improve it, like…

waking up earlier myself,dressed and ready for her ahead of time.

letting her sleep till the last minute, thinking maybe it is more sleep she needs.

waking her up way early, thinking maybe it is more time she needs.

One thing i just cannot tolerate to live around is a grumpy face.

There is NO excuse for it.



So for quit some time now I have been consistent with 5 things:

1.Me waking up earlier

2.Her waking up earlier

3.No more teen TV shows

4.more hugs, more time to talk

5.letting go of all my frustrations so I am more relaxed and pleasant and happy to be around. ( this is by far the toughest one because it requires work on my part)

AND THIS MORNING, SOMETHING MUST HAVE CLICKED, IT WAS A NEW DAY!! 10 minutes into the morning I noticed a significant change…I noticed it when she came home and through the rest of the day.

We talked alot about it.

OH GOD I love her so much!! I pray she stays as teachable as she is now.

Each morning you set the coarse for your day by the thoughts/attitude you begin with. It is so important that we start with a clean heart. Good thoughts. I cannot stress enough how BIG it is for you to sit…have some coffee…relax…meditate and Thank your God for giving you life before you dig into your days work.I guarantee you will think straighter plus feel better and love easier.

>Florida 2011


You Know You’re a Mom When…You spend forty-five minutes helping your little girl fall asleep in her own bed, then welcome her into yours four hours later rather than repeat the process at 2 a.m.



When you get to Florida it is all about the water right? You know…the sand, the wind that blows that sand into your hair. The blue sky,the sea gulls ( without them it just would not be the beach)

So, don’t even bother about getting settled in and unpacked,


After traveling all night, Dad needs some quite to get some sleep ( not that I don’t, it is just that I am the Mom. We sleep only at night. And even then it is often cut short.)

Common’ grab your bucket and shovel…we don’t need all the sand toys.



Don’t even bother getting into your swimsuit…


Just let me jump those waves…Ohhhh those beautiful beautiful waves!!


We should have stayed for hours, since everyone was feeling good. But i did not know that the next few days would have me cleaning spit up and little bottoms at the same time. (Valorie had a very miserable ride down with the stomach bug of some kind. Chadwin and Sarah started two days later)





Upon arriving in Florida we got news that my Grandmother passed away.

Grandmas are the most treasured people around.

How does one write about their Grandma dying? 


Mommy Fisher ( as most would call her) was very close to my heart. She was 92 years old and she died just like she wanted to, very peacefully…without a struggle.

We did not make it home for her funeral simply because my children were too sick to travel. My heart is grieving…I so wanted to say goodbye before she was buried.

I cannot blame anyone…my kids didn’t try to get sick and I am pretty sure Grandma didn’t choose to die while we were on vacation, sometimes we have very little control over our circumstances if any. It is then that we must determine to make the best of it all.




When the child dumps his milk…or gets angry and throws your best plate on the floor. These kind of things cause a reaction. A reaction to point a finger and blame someone for the problem but it is never the child’s fault. Rather it is you…too lazy to discipline properly or a hundred and one other cause pointing at you. I think it is the same with life. When things do not go right as we planned, we want to point a finger at someone and blame them for it. Really this is the easy way out cause then you take no responsibility for your actions. I will say it again…WE CHOOSE WHAT WE WILL BE and then…and only then…can you be free. Then it does not matter what life gives you…you embrace it wisely. You make the best of it.

who you are should not be determined upon what happens today or tomorrow but rather who you are should be determined by how you handle what happens today and tomorrow.



My kids were always so fascinated by Mommy’s wrinkles. So one day we took pictures of how different our hands looked.











You know you are a Mom when… In your bathroom there is water all over the floor, a dog drinking out of the toilet, several action figures in the tub, and no towels.


I guess you could say I have had writers block. But I am here today.

And I want to share a favorite family recipe with you.

It really is nothing fancy.

Actually it comes across kinda mushy.

But all the kids love it and it takes minutes to throw together. So why not?



1 lb. Hamburg fried – I like to use ground sausage

10 slices cubed bread

3 cup milk

2 cup cheese

6 eggs

1 tsp. dry mustard

6 tsp. parsley

salt & pepper


Mix together and bake covered for one hour at 350.


Now how easy is that!  Get one of your kids to pull apart the bread and throw in the bowl. They will feel so helpful and it can’t go wrong.

It is what I did yesterday.

Some like it with ketchup others with pancake syrup. There is a big difference in taste depending on what topping you choose. I suggest you make two separate portions on your plate and try both. Not that i need to tell you how to eat your food, just a suggestion.

But if you were me…I would try it with applesauce and ketchup and syrup.




Jack re entered our front yard this week. With much delight he was welcomed and treated with hugs, handshakes and kisses.

Jack never stays long.   It is sad for us all.   This year he had it especially rough while sitting politely doing his thing in the front yard.(which is basically just sitting and smiling to all who pass by) We forgot to introduce Angel to him and low and behold the exact morning after his arrival he was missing his hat and scarf. He had been shopping so his bag was nicely in his hand. That too was taken from him. We feel badly that his experience at our home went so very bad for him this year. He did not stay around long. I don’t blame him. Who wants to have your things taken from you?

Jack, we do hope that you come again next year. We are OK with you waiting till then. Actually we would rather you not come again this winter as spring is sure to be here soon. No hard feelings. We promise to take better care of you then.

With Love, Valorie,Chadwin,Sarah and Mom.

Dad sends his condolences. If it makes you feel any better, he did make the comment…we never should have gotten that dog.








He looks so into her, but his romance was short lived.

Poor Jack was laid to rest that afternoon.He will be missed.But as always when one thing is gone from your life it leaves room for the next thing to enter.