>Christmas at our House



Christmas at our house started last Thursday night.

Pizza for dinner and then a movie.

It’s a sleepover with ourselves around the Christmas tree.

We all just wanted to make sure Santa would know how to get down the chimney and around our BIG screen TV which is placed right in front of the fire place.

Just so you know where we stand on the whole Santa thing with our kids, here is what Sarah will inform you…”Some peoples Moms lie about Santa Clause”  Hahahaha  I for sure do not want to be one of those Mom’s in her book, you have to understand she says it with real drama coming out of her eyes…as if to say…that is just HORRIBLE!!!!


6:30 am we are awake and ready to open them gifts!



I am not so sure if that includes these two.






You know when it is Christmas at our house if you look at the trash, says Valorie ( I am thinking to myself that that must mean it is Christmas all the time here because my trash seems to always be full)


Christmas eve. was spent at my parents and Christmas day as well. Sunday was spent relaxing and catching up on sleep!!


   Hope each of you reading had a VERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I like what one of my cards read that was sent to us…


>My Evening


So no matter how perfect a parent looks or how well behaved their kids may seem…

every Mother has her moment.

every child has it’s moment.


tonight after dinner i took all three kids to family dollar to Christmas shop for their cousins. We hadn’t more then walked in and two had to peeeeeeeee…like really bad!!!

I already had reminded them to go before we left the house and then forgot to see if they did. Is this my fault or should it be theirs??


Well, our Family Dollar does not have a public pot, Why not? I am sure they have one, so why not let us use it?  If that is the way they are then we will leave…what else can they expect?

We did not return either.

Not so much to get back at them for not having a public pot as the fact that i was irritated…

1. at myself for not making sure they all went

                     2. at them for not paying attention and going when i said to

                    3. and yes because they didn’t have a public pot. oh and yes, it is ALWAYS dirty in their…everywhere. Why can’t they at least sweep the floor??

OK so maybe i am a little over irritated!


I had a small grocery list so we just went to do that and pee.All the while me trying to not show any irritation to the kids cause after all it wasn’t really their fault remember.


All went fairly well until waiting in line Valorie (and her wiggles) bumped into a stand with hundreds of gift cards on it.

They all fell over

plus another stand with some stuff

plus a huge box with a train set in it

this i was secretly hiding to buy for Chadwin.( I know, I know, why get it when he is with and try to hide it? really…come on) but it was on sale and their was only a few left. Oh and plus he has been begging for it every time we go into Weis.

Does all this justify my buying it?

YES YES and do not question me either!!

so a few people bend over to help pick them all up, I must say it was one flimsy stand. And I made sure to let Valorie know it was fine…just an accident. It happens.It is OK

We got out of the store without chadwin seeing me purchase the train set.

Thank-you Valorie for sidetracking him the whole time with the lottery ticket stand! Hahaha ( they love to play with the lottery stand ) and maybe after all their years of pretend purchasing tickets they will win big like our friends from Canada!


after getting everyone in the van and groceries loaded Sarah bursts into tears. I hop back to her to find out that Chadwin threw his hat at her which hit her in the eye. He did it because she called him a looser.

“Mom, I am not a looser”

sigh and then sigh again…

what does one say at this point???

If anybody,I am the one feeling like a looser by now.

so once we got on the road to hit another dollar store ( it is all our beautiful little town has…hahah)

i burst into tears

Yes, i confess i did…for once this post is about a day that is very real to many of us but afraid to tell.

I did not scream at the kids but we talked and talked and i cried and cried. All was very quiet while entering home.

Now they are all nicely tucked in bed…with hugs and kisses to last till morning.

As for me…

I am going to make myself an egg sandwich.

Oh and i will make one for my husband who just loves and adores me like i am! Then I will go to bed and plan to wake up and immerse myself in some good quality time with myself,God, and the closet.


Today was and is done. I look at it as GOOD. And hope tomorrow will be even GOODER ~ smile












>Road Trip




Today the kids and I are off to visit Grandma who is 93 years old.She lives 2 hours from us so we do not get to see her often.  I am so up for the drive…hot coffee and some Christmas music!!!  and whenever it’s just the kids and I… you never know what we will do. Hahaha  I love it!!!

  OK YES  (cause i am sure you are wondering)  we LOVE it when Daddy is with us for a road trip and I am crazy about my man!!!

However after 8 years of being married we have learned our differences, one of which is… he is not much into people.

I am.

and so we make a GREAT match don’t you think?

I do

and let me say, if you are married you do your marriage a HUGE favor when you separate yourselves for a night or two once in a while.

like the old saying…absence makes the heart grow fonder

and it is true!

so having went off about all that…i am now anticipating my return before i have even left. Hahahaha 


Today i read:

You can achieve more when you think of yourself as someone who makes good things happen – Megan Baker

>present wrapping



If you need some different



ideas for your Christmas wrapping here are a few…



brown packaging paper or you can buy it in stores. I picked mine up at Dollar General and wanted the used crackled look so i just scrounged it up before using it.

very inexpensive and crafty looking.



A bow somehow just tops it off yet a bit costly when buying them already made. I buy the ribbon and make my own… then hot clue it on the package.








He is so happy to be out of that tub, for 4 blissful weeks he gets to see light.I would be smiling too.


PICT0011 PICT0012 PICT0015

These by far are my favorite ornaments.They get hung up every year no matter the color or theme of the decorations.

>Christmas tree






This is the lucky tree that made it home to our house today.







We all worked together very well and decided that this one was calling the loudest to be picked.





We enjoyed the wagon ride the most! and the mud…oh my the mud! I was as fascinated as the kids.
















please come Sarah and take a picture with us!


ok   fine   just stand where you are!





PICT0053 PICT0073 PICT0067





My Christmas music has been playing and now tonight we had our first snow!! (just a dusting) but it was white!!

It is dinner time and yet I have to be out in it…oh the bliss of snow!

So I fix the lights out front and just tinker around in the garage…haha and then out come Chadwin and Sarah with their boots and gloves and all.

Is it Christmas now? Chadwin asks. I wanted to shout YES YES it is! but knew that would really confuse him later.




I had myself sooooo much Fun this week, with many different things and I want to share a few with you.

Valorie’s school provides this little shopping day for the kids to shop for their parents,friends and such. I decided to help out with it this year and I had so much Fun helping the kids come in and shop for people they love. There really was a beautiful selection and everything was under 5 dollars. It amazed me how each child just seemed to KNOW what Mom would like or what little sister would want. We even helped them wrap their gifts and labeled them all.

I finished early with my cleaning job and I was just in the mood to do some Christmas shopping so instead of heading home I just steered my light blue mini van towards Wal-mart.

Like Chadwin would say…Go,Go push the peddle down Mom. and I did and never returned home till 10:30pm  Hahaha

Oh the FUN when you can get out of the house ALONE!! For me it doesn’t take much and I return home so refreshed!

I know this wonderful lady who is no where near my age and somehow we enjoy each others company. I am coming to treasure our times spent together. She calls me this week to invite me to a luncheon and of course i said YES YES! She chuckled and said you know it will be mostly old ladies like myself if you don’t mind? I LOVE IT ALREADY

so she takes me to this ladies house who once owned a restaurant in my town and because her cooking was so well liked and missed she decided to open her home once a month and cook for about 20 people.The table was set beautifully and the food was delicious!!

I had such a wonderful time!

Just to enjoy simple beautiful things…




We each have our own journey…each is unique…each holds value. and though we may not know each other well we have so much in common.

I am BLESSED today! and this Christmas I want to pass that along to you and many others I meet!
















MY reading from Life’s little instruction book today was so good!

Mt best is number 210…



That would make a good book title eh? You know whether we like it or not the reason one gets mad when being told what to do or is given advice (negatively or positively) is because of pride. If we were constantly committed to self-improvement then we would take ALL comments and suggestions not offensively,not haughtily and definitely not angrily.

There is ALWAYS room to learn and grow, to become more beautiful inside and out.

We ALWAYS have a lesson or test in front of us. No one is exempt.

A special verse to me from the Bible is from Hebrews 3:16.

So let us come boldly to the throne room of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.