>5 years old


5 years ago on November 20th my son was born.




Valorie’s first visit with her brother.





every day you are becoming more independent, more of a man, showing your true colors.

I like this.

yet i have tears as i write and look back at how little you once were.

I am so proud of you. Who you are becoming and most of all I love your humble soft heart.

i will never tire of hearing you say,”Mom, I love you” even tho it happens on average two times a day.

You are the one that has made me have patience.

I pray that no matter how tall you get or no matter wherever you find yourself in life you will always know that there is a spot in my arms for you.

I love you so much my boy!


elvin_Kathy 193


i want to give you roots, DEEP roots

and then i want to give you wings, STRONG wings

LORD, help me!!!!!

elvin_Kathy 166





some random pictures




lets get one thing straight…just because you have man features does not mean you are in charge here…haha


ok then,if you don’t let me be the boss I’ll act CRAZY!!!!!





come on…to make a relationship work you have to meet in the middle.






DSC01392 DSC01395 DSC01397



already taking an interest in football with Dad!


  For his birthday he has been asking to be surprised just like Thomas the tank engine was. I wasn’t sure if he could handle that so i had been preparing him for weeks. At 4:30 4 of his friends came over and went to his room while he was in the basement with Dad watching Thomas. I called him up and said that the girls wanted him up in his room.


he said “MOM…you did!”PICT0232


It was the funniest thing to see 5 boys enjoy each other…I left them do pretty much what they wanted and walked around with the camera and of course because i didn’t want to miss out…hello! 

At one point he saw their gifts they brought and he ran over and his friends went on to give him the gifts they brought each pretty much opening it for him…he did not seem to mind this. So it was more like…i took the time to wrap and get this now let me open it for you and then give it to you…hahaha It was ADORABLE the way they all worked it out together!



Thank-you to all you Mothers who left your son’s come over and spend a few hours with my boy!!

>My Party


It is my party and I can laugh if I want to!!!!!

32 years ago today i was born. I am thankful for my life. I have learned over the years that to have a happy JOY-filled content life you need to take the bumps that come your way with a positive outlook.The best part is…we do not need to take them alone.

THANK-YOU to all who have been a Friend to me!

Most of all I am grateful that God is by my side and lives within me guiding me each step of the way!


The singer below is my very talented cousin-in-law. He sings this song with out a single instrument (other then his mouth…haha)

I LIKE THE WORDS! and wanted to share them with you today.

>Follow your heart


I just need to tell you that when I followed my heart the other day TV today I actually got so much done.

(that depends on what you see as worth getting done)



for me it was:


MEGA cleaning of the garage. I had no intention of doing this as you know I was having ME time. From my kitchen window I saw the dog do her job at an inappropriate place so out I flew to catch her in the act. (I am potty training a dog) on my way in to the house,

I thought…man it would be fun to go through all this stuff/junk and make it clean.

and that is what i did!

I worked at it for three hours putting things in their proper place.

and I thought…man it would be nice to just up and run to the hardware store and get a few things to help organize this space

and that is what i did!


I stopped to shoot hoops with my son


at lunch time 2:00pm i said..”kids, what do you want for lunch today? and they said, PB jelly sandwich.”

i thought …it can’t get easier then that.


so that is what i made!

Later that day i thought…we as Mothers would make our life a little easier at times if we would just stop dictating our children’s every step. It is OK to let them have some say every now and then.It is good to put yourself in their shoes once in a while. See if you like their Mother and the way she treats you.Just put yourself in their place. Many times it is the best place to go to see things that need to be changed in your life for better.


From the kids point of view, dinner was not quite as successful.

split pea soup…hahaha


I hope my week has inspired you to live a little more following your heart.

>Coffee Aroma


Take a deep breath…of coffee’s aroma.


Did you know that research shows that simply smelling java may be enough to reverse the effects of a poor nights sleep?


It also showed that inhaling the scent helped people type faster and more accurately.


I am out the door to buy me a coffee/hazelnut candle!

>TV today


Today is a day for TV.

let me restate that…

Today is a day for breakfast on the couch with Mickey Mouse Club House,Handy Mandy,Dora…and who knows what’s next?? probably Gaba Gaba which hopefully we will have had enough by then and we can turn the TV off very nicely with NO fuss…because I cannot stand to listen to that show, it just gets under my skin…haha


I am aloud to make the rules right??


In case you are new to my blog I am the Mother of three not a teen running the show.


so I am aloud to make the rules right??

well regardless what you say.




I know the weather doesn’t seem like a day for the TV but I have been so thirsty for some ME time and I said to myself this morning…

“self, leave your work today,blog and then read something inspirational,write, get into the closet and pray, maybe take the kids to the library.DO WHAT YOUR HEART IS HUNGRY FOR TODAY”

and that sounded good to me

I agreed



The best inspiration is not to outdo others, but to outdo ourselves – Anonymous