Why are most all the instructions from the Instruction Book on today’s  page about how you eat? 


Please tell me you don’t drink low fat milk.


I personally hate it.


and what with using less salt?


I love salt.


i don’t have a problem with the red meat one.


I like the last one, but sadly when i do that for my own neighborhood i find that the manners are very poor. sigh, sigh

So  i guess i know what i need to do.

make up for it all and just SMILE at every one.


Help the elderly when I see them.


Be friendly and talk.


Attend or plan neighborhood get togethers. 






>dreams come true.






YES, they do. We got a dog!!   AAhhhhhhhh!!  I love boxers ( keep your thoughts on the subject… DOG)

we have been wanting to get a dog because our kids are sooooo scared of them, hoping that they will loosen up a bit when they are around one constantly. Time will tell.





She seems to love Elvin and he seems to enjoy the love although he would not admit to it yet. BUT I KNOW IT. JUST KNOW IT.



QUICK….RUN…run to the top of the slide


the top of the car


or the top of Daddy’s head


just get me on higher ground cause I am FREEEKING out!

MOM…help me! Angel is going to get me!! HELP….RUN  




Angel was her name and she seems anything but that…maybe it is hidden in her and we just need to coax it out?? The kids think that cause she is all over white it matches her…haha


WISH ME LUCK! cause now i am potty training a DOG not a child.


She is positively ugly one black eye and one blue and that is why she is so precious and WE WILL love her till she shines like a real angel.









we bought ourselves a 42” high def LCD flat screen TV.   YEAH no kidding, you can only imagine how pumped my husband was when getting the thing set up. This is so vain but really a dream come true…hahaha  and you have to understand that our house is really really small so this seems really really BIG and in our face.

But that is how you want it right??

especially football…yeahh  Go Vick






we got a swing set! It just keeps getting better, or so the kids think!



by now you are thinking…

gee are they making money or what??


The TV was on us so if you want to make a charitable contribution you can call and give us your credit card number 

lets just say for the rest, we have good friends and family




So that is some of the exciting stuff happening around the Fisher home.Thanks for stopping by to read!


May you find PEACE today in your very special life.


Uniquely you.Be you.


Today I read:

If you don’t enjoy your own company why would anyone else? Take time to sit alone and quiet your heart before God.



I find it amazing how many things come up before you when you sit alone with yourself and when we let down our pride. Embrace the things that come up, make a conscious effort to change if necessary.


Like yourself. but always become a better you,willing to let the sharp edges be buffed.




PICT0151 The Fisher’s

>no time today



I have been itching to sit and blog all week end and now…


it is not the time


sleep is calling me at 10:30


and a day away from home tomorrow


but I have such many good exciting things to share


i will come back here soon


real soon


I hope you do to. smile



I really enjoyed the rain today.I even dressed the part.


Yes, Gray top and Gray bottoms (because they were both just bought yesterday hello)

Gray earrings

navy flips

I really didn’t look as bad as it sounds,actually I felt quit good about myself today!

I had my coffee twice (drinking it as i speak)

and best of all…

you know how you have something tucked away in your head waiting to be done.It may have went weeks, months or like me years with this something popping up every now and then wanting to be completed.

Well today was the day and I pulled that thing from the back of my head and DID IT!!!!!! Dam it feels good to be me right now…hahahah

and now i have you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what the thing was eh?

and I made you scroll all the way down here just because I wanted to.

because it feels good to be me right now. hahaha

really all it was was putting together a personalized calendar with all the birthdates listed of my friends and family.Yeah I know it sounds small but I have wanted to make one ever since 2007. Back then I worked hard at putting together a personalized one for my Mom and Mom-in-law for Christmas. I had listed all the dates of the families birthdates, anniversaries etc. A GREAT Christmas gift!!!

Below is the link that I used to make my calendar.


Have a GOOD night!

>Creek Fun



So remember the other week I wrote about this cool little historical place we have near by, well we went back just like I said we would.


A place like this I just can’t resist!!



Chadwin just thought it would be best if he stays home with Dad while we girls go 


cause they are the boys.

and they want to stay home.

and watch TV.


FINE THEN. and don’t think for a minute that you will have more fun then us girls right??



so we girls set out for an adventure



and we did some serious rock jumping/climbing












I realized that this will most likely be one of our last summer funs with water.


but when there is change there is always opportunity for us to respond in one of two ways



And for some reason when I get myself in the outdoors I can’t help but be positive for ALL around me I see an awesome display of God’s wonderful mysteries and I AM IN AWE.


So bring on the cool weather for then we will see once again the YELLOWS, RED, ORANGE and BROWNS.


My hope is that all of you had a wonderful summer! May you always move forward with a positive outlook!

>1st Day of School














I LOVE THESE…they are full of diamonds that sparkle! Valorie picked them out and I for once was in agreement.





This BIG yellow monster came by my house this morning and my little precious daughter just climbed on board and away they went.I am told they will return but not until the day is almost done.


And yes, of course the tears welled up inside of me to see her so BIG and brave! If you are anything close to a Mother this should be normal right??


 Tears of joy – I am so grateful that we have the opportunity in our country to learn to read and write


Tears of pride – I am a proud Mother of my daughter. I believe in her and my heart swells with love for who she is becoming


Tears of change – once again my life will change today…schedule must be


Tears of sadness – I will miss her so!


so I guess you could say I had mixed emotions when she climbed that yellow bus.