There are two lasting things we can give our children, one is roots…the other is wings.




Isn’t it crazy how we long for no schedule when we are tight in one and then when we have no schedule we want one…this is kinda how I have been feeling…the kids have been getting to bed late and because of all the fun summer activities we are missing our naps some days.





Yesterday I had my grandmother for the day, she is 92 years old and still in good health but weighing only 83 pounds.The kids are fascinated by all her wrinkles and then we tend to talk about death quit a bit.

I asked her jokingly what it is that she did all her life to bring her this far and with such good health? she replied without any hesitation,”my mother always told me,EAT. DRINK . AND BE MERRY.” I chuckled

but it really stuck to me, EAT. DRINK. AND BE MERRY.

there is so much to get from this…what do you think??

I am tacking this on my wall EAT. DRINK. AND BE MERRY. better yet maybe I can find a plaque with it written on!


Grandmas are Moms with lots of frosting – Author unknown


Almost a month has gone by since i published a post,I have missed coming to this place and journaling about my day or week.
I guess i was right when i said earlier that i had alot of FUN things planned for the summer…haha it has kept me busy with little or no time to sit by my computer. This poor little laptop I am sure has been missing me!!
And now if you can see the time is 11:15pm on Saturday night, clearly not the time to be on my computer!!
So I am off to bed and promise to be back very soon…