>The Greatness of our God



Below are just some of my collection of scenic pictures.

I had to have something to add with this beautiful song,”The Greatness of our God”





may 071


PICT0010 PICT0018




PICT0071 PICT0017





elvin_Kathy 166

elvin_Kathy 030 elvin_Kathy 193


elvin_Kathy 173 


fun at Grandpas in April 026




may 040






Today I read –

discretion is a life giving fountain to those who possess it.


Today I realized -

that i had not gone anywhere for two whole days! I do not know when the last time was that i had so much time to relax at home…no rush no fuss

Love to you all -


maybe this one is not so much a scenic picture? haha

>Library Day



I have been working on this piece of furniture this week that i bought at a garage sale, I am repainting it and I am quit excited about it!!   I am so sorry that i did not take any pictures of my before so that i can take an after…bummer. I plan to use it as a console table so maybe i can shoot some before pics of the location that i plan to set it and then post the after pic when i have it all completed.

It takes me a long time to finish a project like this for i stop dozens of times to kiss someone’s boo-bo, feed hungry mouths, assist one to the bathroom, settle a fight, basically if i don’t just GO and GRAB my paint brush it doesn’t ever happen…haha

Today was story time at our local Library. I must say that we do have a nice library in our town.So for the first time i took the kids.Below is our storyteller named Tessa. click here to see our summer schedule.


>Beach Life






          Wherever you are, whatever you do, make good memories.



    Help someone.



beach and jud cabinn 064  

make time for cousins and enjoy family fun.




               spend time with your Aunt.



                PICT0058 LOVE YOUR KIDS.


                       beach and jud cabinn 164



                beach and jud cabinn 155

  Do something fun with your niece or nephew.


beach and jud cabinn 144

We kicked of our summer by hitting the beach early this year, and let me tell you the water was fridge-ed. I was brave and jumped in but only lasted about 5 minutes. Chadwin would come and fetch me through out the day saying, “come Mom and get in the beach with me”. meaning – come splash in the water with me.

I love it here where the see gulls fly,the water makes noise and the sand is warm.

>Welcome June







To me when you hit the month of June you have officially entered summer…and you know how I feel about that right 


so we had our first cook out this past beautiful week end and hope to have many more nights around a campfire.



the food  YUM-O

here is a great one for your summer grillin…

mix brown sugar with a little mustard to form a paste. Spread it on some ham slices and marinate overnight. Grill the ham and you are set!!


Why do you think people can sit for hours around a little flame and be entertained by it?? funny uh?

I love the marshmallows and their stickiness. wired right? but if they weren’t sticky it would take out half , if not all of the fun in eating and roasting them.

I do hope your summer is RELAXING and FUN!

Whatever you do stay away from smoking funny things…not good for your health and don’t drink Whiskey from a bottle…it looks undignified

other then that do what you like…hahah




we plan to eat outside most days, go swimming every other, plan a beach trip, go barefoot, catch lightning bugs, buy a hammock, watch a movie at the drive-in and Mom say’s there is soooooo much more planned.We wonder what makes her think it will be a relaxing summer for her? chuckle chuckle!